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Dillon hit on Bleuger, no DOPS action for Dillon, Bleuger out 6-8 weeks with broken jaw

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I thought that Dillon would at a minimum get a fine for this.  It looks like he barely, if at all, caught any of the body with almost all of the force from the shoulder hitting Bleuger in the head into the glass/stanchion.  A point can be made that Dillon was coming up off his feet for the hit, but with the NHL's DOPeS spinning wheel of justice, nothing.  Big loss to the Pen's penalty kill. 


Bleuger had surgery and will be out 6 to 8 weeks. 

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really crappy outcome from a sort of nothing play.

Dillion's height makes it so his shoulder would hit Bleuger's face almost every time they collide.

Primary point of contact is Bleuger's head which is no beuno.  

The spinning wheel of capricious justice should maybe get a spin ?  I don't know, that's a terrible outcome from just sealing a guy off and finishing a check.

Certainly doesn't look like a dangerous play on anyone's part.




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I have no faith in the nhl justice system, this is why the game must police itself...


As for the hit, puck was long gone, and he clearly left his feet and made contact with the head...principle point, plus those two have a history, just my .02

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