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Winter Classic Alumni Game - Rosters

Guest pilldoc

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Forwards: Bill Barber, Bob Clarke, Jim Dowd, Orest Kindrachuk, Eric Lindros, Ken Linseman, Dave Poulin, Jeremy Roenick, Al Hill, Bob Kelly, John LeClair, Shjon Podein, Brian Propp, Reggie Leach, Mark Recchi, Rick Tocchet

Defensemen: Terry Carkner, Eric Desjardins, Larry Goodenough, Derian Hatcher, Mark Howe, Brad Marsh, Kjell Samuelsson, Chris Therien, Joe Watson

Goaltenders: Mark LaForest and Neil Little

Coaches: Pat Quinn (head coach), Mike Nykoluk and Keith Primeau (assistant coaches)

Ambassadors: Gary Dornhoefer, Bernie Parent, Dave Schultz


Goalies: Dan Blackburn, John Vanbiesbrouck

Defensemen: Ron Greschner, Darius Kasparaitis, Tom Laidlaw, Brian Leetch, Dave Maloney, Dale Purinton, Mathieu Schneider

Forwards: Glenn Anderson, Paul Broten, Ron Duguay, Nick Fotiu, Mike Gartner, Adam Graves, Pat Hickey, Kris King, Nick Kypreos, Darren Langdon, Stephane Matteau, Brian Mullen, Darren Turcotte

Coaches: Mike Keenan, Emile Francis, Colin Campbell

Ambassadors: Rod Gilbert, Ed Giacomin, Harry Howell

Kasparaitis...always hated him.....

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No Sami Kapanen? No Hextall? Are LaForest and Little the best we could come up with for goalies?

Hextal is the LA asst gm, probably can't play for Philly. Beyond that, maybe they should have called beezer sooner...

I wish Kapanen was in, but I was surprised to see no fedyk or renberg.

Maybe leighton in net? Too soon? Hahaha

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I don't think the alumni game has ever been televised before. I remember them showing hightlights, but not the actual game.

You're right. I didn't read before posting. Alumni I don't remember them ever showing it like you said.

I'm not sure why though. This year's Alumni game might be more desirable .....

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F Campbell and even more so kasparitis. Hope Lindros can lay some vengeful lumber and high five the bench.

Agreed. I'd love to see 88 hammer that cheap shot little prik. In a "friendly" game like this you generally don't go after guys' knees, so Kasparitus has lost 75% of his game right there

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