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"How I became a Penguins fan" tweets

Guest Irishjim

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I became a die hard Penguins fan after the NHL force fed me Sidney Crosby like I was a baby pig destined for Chipotle...

Was a big Flyers fan until Satan offered to buy my soul on the condition I become a Pens fan. Now I love my baby blue sweater!!.. .

I became a die hard Penguins fan because I enjoy hockey and non-biased announcers like Sean Hannity and Paul Steigerwald. .

I used to be a Flyers fan but then I moved to Pittsburgh to study how to become an awful person and the Penguins grew on me!. .

Used to be a Flyers fan, but my parents were murdered in front of me now I'm a Pens fan who fights injustice while in bat gear .

I used to be a Flyers fan until I vomited out of my eye sockets and fell in love with Crosby's razzle dazzle and shut up.


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