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Zidlicky lifts NTC for Devils

Guest galgonWild

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Stay tuned....details not complete yet.


As reported on last night's blog, a Marek Zidlicky trade could be coming, and it is indeed, to the New Jersey Devils.

Zidlicky's agent, Larry Kelly, has confirmed to me this morning TSN Darren Dreger's tweet that Zidlicky has waived his no-trade clause to go to the Devils. No deal has been completed yet, but GM Chuck Fletcher and Devils GM Lou Lamoriello are working on it. No word yet on what the Wild may be getting back.

Zidlicky has one more year left on his contract at $4 million.

He has had a very tough season, scoring no goals and 13 assists in 39 games and he's a minus-7. He has scored 60 goals in 546 career games -- 42 on the power play.

As I wrote on last night's blog: The Wild, even though it’s hardly all his fault, cannot win with Zidlicky in the lineup. It’s amazing. The Wild is 2-14-5 in the last 21 games he’s played (1-10-2 in the last 13) and 13-4 in the last 17 without him.

On Jan. 31, when Zidlicky was scratched for the third of four games, he sought me out and complained about his treatment by coach Mike Yeo. Here is that article. I have confirmed that in this subsequent meeting with GM Chuck Fletcher, Zidlicky told Fletcher he would be willing to waive his no-trade to the right team.

New Jersey appears to be that team. I have heard NJ has been interested in Zidlicky for some time, but one thing that was holding it back was the fact that Kurtis Foster, a right-shot defenseman, was playing in that role.

But it appears a trade is close. The funny thing is, as I wrote in last night's blog, I heard from multiple sources that a trade was close and he was willing to waive his no-trade. I was shocked, however, when I saw Zidlicky in last night's lineup because I didn't think that if a trade was a close as I was being told that the team would let him play and risk injury.

For any one concerned the illustration in puckdaddy's blog give insite as to how little Zidlicky has helped the Wild this year.

Defenseman Marek Zidlicky has been many things for the Minnesota Wild this year: atrocious on the ice, insubordinate in the media, a healthy scratch in the press box for Coach Mike Yeo.

But to really gauge his negative impact and general terribleness in 2011-12, Puck Daddy's infographics ace Dan Gustafson of SixteenWins.com has created this handy visual aid to The Zidlicky Conundrum:

From Gustafson: "Not that I think he's the reason they've crapped out (there are many reasons), but it's really weird how bad they are when he's in."

One assumes this will be someone else's problem by the trade deadline. Along with news anchors, left-handed relief pitchers and NFL punters, puck-moving defensemen are always going to be (a) on the move and ( B) coveted by someone.


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.........hmmmm. And I thought Zidlicky or Zanon would go to the Flyers. The Devils are serious about the playoffs this year. They are sitting one point below the Flyers. While they are 6-2-2 the Flyers are struggling with 3-4-3 in their last 10 games.

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Fletcher: "I haven’t asked Zid to waive his no-trade for any specific trade."

This is getting interesting... The Wild are definitely sellers. The loss to the Ducks last night made a huge statement in that this team is not ready yet. A smart move.

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not understanding the 12 wins and 32 points with and 13 wins and 26 points without. :wacko:

The illustration demonstrates the Wild and their 58 points. In addition to the 24 points via wins they have 8 ties (1pt) totaling 32 points when they have played with Zidlicky this year. Without Zidlicky they have 13 wins, 26pts....no ties.

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Zidlicky practiced today and afterwards said "We'll see next couple of hours ... I'm here right now."

Fletcher said nobody from Zidlicky’s camp has told him he’s willing to waive his no-trade to go to New Jersey.

Why? Because the two sides have had only general conversations since Zidlicky, on Jan. 31, asked to be traded during a meeting moments after pulling me aside to complain about being scratched for the third in what would become four consecutive games.

“I haven’t asked Zid to waive his no-trade for any specific trade,” Fletcher said by phone this morning. “I haven’t called him and said anything’s close.

“I can tell you for sure I’m planning on talking to other teams. We haven’t traded Zid, we haven’t made the decision to trade Zid at this point. I have not formally asked him to do anything because at this point I honestly don’t have anything to take to him, I don’t have anything for him to say yes or no to.”

Fletcher said that’s not to mean he won’t trade Zidlicky today, tomorrow or by the Feb. 27 trade deadline. But he’s not going to get boxed in to one team or necessarily boxed in to trading him by the deadline.

Fletcher said he could hold on to him until the summertime when he’s got a limited no-trade and it’s easier to trade him.

“Maybe he’s here next trade deadline and we’re having the same conversation,” Fletcher said.

Regardless, this is not a good situation.

It’s clear Zidlicky wants to go to New Jersey, where he’s buddies with Patrik Elias and Petr Sykora. As Fletcher said, maybe Kelly is just assuming he’s got a deal done with New Jersey and he’s getting ahead of it.

There is no doubt Fletcher and GM Lou Lamoriello have had a lot of conversations (and no, enough with the Zach Parise stuff; if the Devils trade for Zidlicky, Parise will not be part of it).

At the very least, it’s abundantly clear now just how unhappy Zidlicky is at this point in Minnesota and how much he wants out. This is not a player fighting to stay here. It seems Zidlicky’s camp is trying to force Fletcher’s hand, but he has options, too, and it’s clear he’s not going to allow himself to get boxed in to just New Jersey.

Fletcher said there are options for other teams, and good teams he believes Zidlicky would want to waive his no-trade clause to go to IF it gets to the point where Fletcher formally goes to him to sign a piece of paper.

One other team I keep hearing, as I mentioned on last night’s blog with New Jersey, is Chicago.


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