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We welcome you


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The latest incarnation of the "We welcome you" thread, We welcome you...

Also Harry Houdini, we welcome you... (I put that because that was the example Bak used when creating this thread on the original board...it is a kind of homage)

Cheers for starting it up again! We welcome you thread... We welcome you.

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Amen brother and Dave Poulin should be in the Flyers Hall of Fame.
Ahh the good news is that #20 did get inducted to the Flyers HOF a few years ago. In fact it was when he was still working at Notre Dame. I was able to get his e-mail off the the College website to congratulate him and thank him for what he did with those 80's teams he wrote me a long and awesome e-mail back that eminated class and appreciation for the Flyers fans. I think if we had won the cup in 85 or 87 or both that #20, #26, and #12 would all be retired along with Mark Howe. Edited by Poulin20
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Snap, crackle Propp

Ahh a classic sign from the great Dave "Signman" Leonardi! Did you know that after Propp retired he requested that sign from the signman (autographed by him no less) and it sits in his office to this day? I have a picture of it on my computer that I will attach.


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@Poulin20 - I did not know that, but am not surprised. I was very fond of Mr Leonard as a kid.

Me Too. I noticed Leonardi at the first game I ever attended and have appreciated him ever since. He is a cool guy too. If you ever get to a game go down to his seats at intermission and talk to him. He is very personable and approachable and is like a walking encyclopedia of Flyers history. I talk to him by e-mail now and then and he is always inviting me down to chat with him in person.

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c'mon Phlyer1, you have the internet at your finger tips. Its really pretty easy to find this stuff.

Here is the list:

Honouree Inducted

Bernie Parent March 1988

Bobby Clarke March 1988

Keith Allen March 1989

Bill Barber March 1989

Ed Snider March 1989

Rick MacLeish March 1990

Fred Shero March 1990

Barry Ashbee March 1991

Gary Dornhoefer March 1991

Gene Hart Feb. 1992

Reggie Leach Feb. 1992

Joe Scott Apr. 1993

Ed Van Impe Apr. 1993

Tim Kerr March 1994

Joe Watson Feb. 1996

Brian Propp March 1999

Mark Howe Apr. 2001

Dave Poulin March 2004

Ron Hextall Feb. 2008

Dave Schultz Nov. 2009


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