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Game 59: Canadiens at Flyers; 3/13/22 @ 7 PM, NBCSP


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1 hour ago, Howie58 said:

Believe it or not, we are favored (-145), with a computer projected score of 4-2.


I hope the bookies are right; statistically, we should win.  




Hart is the apparent starter.  


To bad Bobby Brink wasn't signed it would good to see him play against Caufiled.


Any way I hope we see that day.


Otherwise can they out tank the leading tankers???


Sabres have games in hand on the Flyers.

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I'd sure like to see Frost do something good tonight...last night he stayed pretty much invisible except for the awful TO that Jones had to be quick-fast to save.


I'm wondering how many more chances Frost gets to show he can adapt to the NHL. Obviously being on a terrible team makes it that much harder. But at some point it's a matter of "no excuses" and I imagine he's getting close to it.

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23 minutes ago, GratefulFlyers said:

I'd sure like to see Frost do something good tonight





I don't even care if it is good anymore...a late hit, a cheap shot even a breakout pass...


...show me something to know when you're out there.


C'mon bro it is time, the changing of the guard is coming and we need to know are we making room for him in this foxhole or not.


There is no more room for anymore passengers....they already have a few.


Time to jettison is upon us soon. This roster can not comeback next year in 2022-23. Can not.


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22 minutes ago, Howie58 said:

Can these people shoot on goal? How many Flyer shots are way wide? 


Frost picks up a Habs' TO in the slot - all alone, 5 feet out and fires it up over the net. So instead of regaining possession in the O zone the puck goes flying up the boards and the Flyers are chasing the play again. That's just inexcusable you HAVE to hit the net from there.


edit: Frost did make a nice shot/pass on Giroux's goal - gotta give him that. He and Konecny with Giroux have been good tonight.

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