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Ovie now third, and more on NYI game


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Sure, the headline in tonight’s shootout win over the NY Islandudes will be Ovie surpassing Jagr for 3rd place all-time.  But the game (in general and this specific one) is more:


1) Real Caps fans from oldsters (knew of Langway and Bondra days) to midsters (been followin’ since at least 2008 Early-Ovie) would trade his goal scoring record for FAR better team playoff performances, notwithstanding the 2018 miracle.  (Was it a dream?)


2) Ovie would have to steal the thunder of 24-year old Stockholm rookie Axel Jonnson-Fjällby by scoring soon after Bjorn-Borg-on-skates tallied his first NHL goal to tie the game 2-2.  Axel Jonnson-Fjällby, thy name rolls off the tongue…


3) Caps just can’t stand holding a lead late in a third period, innat roit mate.


4) Going OT, this was yet another of those George Orwell “some games are more equal than others” contests with a whopping 150% rewards value.

5) Ditch the shootout.  Gawd was it embarrassing to see only 1 of the 16 shooters (TJ Oshie) make any decent sort of deke move.  This is NHL caliber?    The way 3-on-3 goes, someone is bound to score within 10 minutes so just keep at that until someone does.

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