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Goodbye, Columbus


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Ever since their coach sorta trashed them 2 weeks ago, the Capitals have turned it around.  In a home face-to-face last night, the Jackets Blue really needed a regulation win to cut an 11-point deficit for the final playdowns spot to 9.  So instead, they got clobbered by Washington to make it 13.


On behalf of NHL fans everywhere, we bid you well in future.  But as for now:




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That hit was fine. Play the puck, risk getting hit. It was clean. No elbows or anything


In the 80s, defensemen couldn't even play the puck without fear of getting hit in the numbers face first into the boards lol, so many of them just panic tossed the puck or avoided corners.

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A boarding penalty shall be imposed on any player who checks or pushes a defenseless opponent in such a manner that causes the opponent to hit or impact the boards violently or dangerously


Elsewhere I saw that “defenseless” means the opponent cannot suspect a check is imminent.  But since the player had just played the puck, he can suspect a check.


But then I read this:


“Legitimate body checking must be done only with the trunk of the body (hips and shoulders) and must be above the opponent’s knees and at or below the opponent’s shoulders. The use of the hands, forearm, stick or elbow in delivering a body check is unacceptable and not within the guidelines of a legal body check.”


I thought Marchand got him with the shoulder and upper arm, not the forearm, so OK there.  But did he check him above the shoulder?  Let me view it again…


…well yes it was the head…but he was crouched down a bit so Marchand’s shoulder was higher at the exact time of the check.


I think the solution here is to emulate basketball and have the refs review the play on nearby monitors, often taking several minutes as they view at different camera angles and speeds, leading to TV fans going to the fridge and occasionally then forgetting they were just watching a game.  


”Goodbye again, Columbus!!”

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Gotta make it exactly right 😁
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