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Reaves vs Maroon 3/19/22

Brewin Flames

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6 hours ago, Villella McMeans said:

Weak fight...Maroon must have been scared to do anything else but hang on...for such a big guy Maroon doesn't win much against heavyweights - but he's won 3 Cups in a row now he's probably there for good luck to try and keep that streak alive😆


I know this will sound "homer" on my part (and I don't really care ;) ), but honestly, BOTH players looked gassed at the start of the fight.....likely the fight started after both had their regular shifts.

Also, Reaves pretty much had Maroon in a disadvantageous position from the get-go, and well, Maroon is smarter than people seem to give him credit for.
He wasn't about to go all out, from a disadvantage, risk getting his bell rung, then be useless to his team looking for a three-peat.
Maroon did what he needed to do....just hang on, given the situation, against one of the tougher NHL fighters today in Reaves.

Simply a good luck charm?
If you say so. :bigteeth: 

But he makes that bottom six go, can often be found encouraging his younger linemates AND will put himself in harm's way if people start taking liberties with them.
That's more than can be said about other 4th line vets elsewhere.

I get lots of people don't like Pat Maroon as not only is he physical out there, but does talk trash and can be quite irritating to the other team (I myself thought the same when he was on other squads), but he IS the classic "love'em on your team, hate'm on the other player", and damned effective no matter how you slice it.

As for the fight, albeit it wasn't much of one, I will give the nod to Reaves for gaining position on Maroon and basically forcing Big Rig to either hang on, or take a beating.
Maroon did the smart thing.

Wonder if this goes different if both players were fresh and energized at the start of this encounter.

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I put up a fight list each morning and give threads to ones that i feel are worthy, when i read the box score and those these 2 had a go, i thought it was going to be epic, but i wound up dissapointed.


The above post says it all though, both guys looked drained from the start, and maroon did what he had to, and not get knocked out.

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