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Short term coaching strategy for defense/goalie?

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Since Lavy has come over, our offense has always incorporated defensmen getting into the play. Even with goalies like Boucher ect, we have filled our team with a good mix of offense/defensive minded teams. Our defense (Pronger included) is filled with puck moving defensemen. Since Pronger has gone down, the glaring need is a defense only minded guy.

Carle and Timonen play like offensive dmen. They are good skaters, but for the most part you stick either in front of the net and they aren't winning a 1 on 1 with Lucic, they are both perimeter players, Timonen being the better.

That leaves Mez and Coburn, both still are 2 way defenders. They can skate the puck out of the zone, but this leads to turnovers and holes in their positioning.

I won't comment on Bourdon or Gustafson they are rookies.

Lilja, he just sucks.

On to my point...

While Grossman points to fill this roll of stay-at-home dmen, does he fill the hole enough. Are we big enough, and fundamental in the players we have and their positioning? We have Bryz and Bob.. They are both great goalies, but clearly not putting it together this season.

Since Pronger went down, it over exposes guys like Timonen and Carle. Carle is a free agent, and we have puck moving defensemen in the system in gustafson. Would we benifit for abandoning Lavy's "non-stop transitional offense"? Should we leave the scoring to the deep offense, and acquire another stay-at-home dmen to support struggling Bryz and Bob?

Carle could be moved to a contender for draft picks and flipped for another stay at home defensemen. My thinking points to a guy like Bryan Allen. UFA after this year.

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Grossman is what they were hoping Lilja will be but isn't. Grossman doesn't fit the mold as you point out, but there is a role for him spelling Timo and others on the PK and playing hard minutes against the opponent's scorer's. He'll allow our offensive defensemen to stay fresher and contribute more. This is really freaking expensive though; the equivalent of a first round pick. They better resign him.

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