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Rode the Zamboni last night....

Guest mickloud

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Cool man. How'd you pull this off?

They used to randomly select STHs but I think now it is an "eary bird" benefit if you renew your ST before a certain date (yesterday was the deadline for next year). Currently we are allowed to chose 1 benefit per year (used to be 2). I asked the OP to confirm that this was the case.

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That's pretty cool stuff. I have been kicking tires for years with 3 other friends about get season tickets. It's looking like I should more and more.

I can vouch for the team that they treat their STHs like gold. I am up in the nosebleed seats and they treat me like a king. I can only imagine the secret benefits the premium STHs get (I know 1 year the club box holders get to go bowling with the players).

Some other early bird benefits that I have taken advantage of are, Attending a post game press conference with Lavy, Complete tour of the arena including locker rooms broadcast booth and some of Ed Sniders secret rooms, Skate on the Flyers ice, Meet the team early access meet and greet with players, "Chalk Talk" with Lavy at the Flyers skate zone, and the early Bird BBQ which this year was at Citizens Bank Park where they served unlimted hot dogs, hamburgers, beans potato salad and soft drinks. All STHs get access to the annual townhall meeting, a Christmas gift from the team, and 3 season ticket holder appreciation games per year and of course the big one is playoff access at STH discounted prices, which was really nice during the run to the Finals in 2010.

If you are a little short on the dough they let you pay over 9 months interest free and the playoffs you can "pay as they play" which means you only get charged as they advance.

Highly recomend pulling the trigger, the benefits have been outstanding!

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Yeah, those ice girls are smoking hot. Two of them skate really well too, kind of like they are former figure skaters or something.

Yeah, two of those girls were competitiive figure skaters. My daughter knows and skated against / and with two of them out of the University of Delaware's training program.

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Hey guys.. I've been so slow in getting back to this site.

My father actually won a silent auction for 4 tickets and a zamboni ride... last second.. he couldn't go.. so I took 3 friends who mocked me incessantly from the seats. Funny stuff. It certainly feels like the whole arena is staring down at you!

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