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This comes on the heels of a 11-2 loss vs the Penguins last night.




Time To Move On From Jeff Blashill

by Paul on 03/28/22 at 05:27 AM ET

from Bob Duff of Detroit Hockey Now,

There’s no way Jeff Blashill survives this.


Under normal circumstances, an 11-2 setback followed by two days off would be prime time for a coaching change. At this juncture, though, it’s unlikely that Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman will be making a change behind the team’s bench.


However, with the frightening way in which this season has unraveled for the team, there’s absolutely no way he can return Blashill for an eighth season as coach of the Red Wings.


Over the past six seasons, all of them losing campaigns, Jeff Blashill is showing a .426 winning percentage. No coach in NHL history has guided a team to six consecutive losing seasons and managed to hang on to his job.


The problem is that all the gains made last season and through the first half of this season have vanished over the past two months – much like the Red Wings have also too often done during this stretch of bad hockey.

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I'm rather neutral on Blashill, but yes, this drubbing does not bode well for him keeping his job. It may indeed be time for a new voice. I don't think he's been a bad coach necessarily, but I also am not convinced he's a GREAT coach.


But Babcock said, when he left for Toronto, that after 10 years, his team needed a new voice. They had heard him say the things he had said enough where it was making less impact. But they weren't losing like this, because they still had a modicum of talent. Pav and Z were still playing, albeit on the downslope of their careers. But the voice is harder to respect when you are repeatedly getting beatdowns, and after losing Leddy and Stetcher, we have a quasi-AHL D-core remaining. Hopefully this will be the last 11-2 drubbing, but it probably won't be the last beatdown of the season. We just don't have enough D talent. Seider can't do it by himself. Ned can try to plug the dam, but there's just too many cracks in it.


What is so surprising is how much of a difference the loss of Stetcher and Leddy have made. They aren't that great of players. They are middling. And yet once they left (or were scratched in anticipation of leaving), our D has barely had a pulse. We've practically been a sieve. And it's tough to keep morale up when that is happening. Tough for the offensive players to have hope. "What are we playing for?" Pride and the future are the only answers.


I'm looking forward to seeing a few of our kids come up for their 10-game trials to see how they look. I'm not expecting them to change things terribly for the better, but I don't have much else to look forward to this season.


Eyes on the horizon...



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