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Bryzo&Bobbo should be a Gonno!

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Dejavu! How much worse will it get before somebody in management grows a set? Both goalies truly showed that they want to play in the AHL. Homer has to try Leighton or possibly one of the other AHL'ers.

This is simple. Play Bryz. Period. Stop the carrousel. Bob is not better. Let Bryz implode in the woodshed himself.

The players will take care of this in their own way. Bryz will want out soon enough.

This is not a team that is going anywhere this year. Start figuring it out for next year.

Just enjoy the games from here out that they win.

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The ownership needs and wants playoff dollars, they will not just let things implode further unless there is a way to drive Bryz out of town and look long term at getting his dollars out of here and losing playoff money this year by keeping him in

They will make some kind of move in the net

They are exactly in the same spot they were one year ago except Leighton is in the AHL otherwise it would be the same, dejavu indeed

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