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Flyers daylight play

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There is an article on Silly.com about this....It would appear that the Flyers daylight record is 4-9-1 for afternoon games and they play a total of 18 daylight games this season. I am having trouble posting the link but it shows the goalie stats too...No wonder Bettman is scheduling the lion's share of Flyers games for the afternoon. Is there any other team that even comes close to that many nooners?

and to answer my own question, here is a list of the Eastern Conference teams and how many daylight games they play..


1) Flyers 18

2)Bruins 16

3)Devils 14

4)Isles 14

5)Penguins 12

6)Rangers 12

7)Senators 11

8)Hurricanes 9

9)Panthers 9

10)Capitals 8

11)Canadiens 7

12)Jets 6

13)Lightning 5

14)Sabres 4

15)Leafs 2

The mighty Laffs only rate 2 prime time games......that does kind of warm the heart a little....

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I hate the afternoon games too!

I thought I read somewhere that all the afternoon games were so that they could be broadcast in Europe in the evening. I'm sorry, but it's a North American league. By all means broadcast the games across the pond, but let them DVR 'em, like I have to do for all these stupid afternoon games!

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Welcome to TV land. Just think how many people have to work,go to weddings,funerals,babyshowers,etc.Afternoon games suck! What next:Morning games?

Believe it or not back in the late 80s I attended a morning game at the Spectrum vs the Isles. It started at 11:30 AM. We did win too. It was either 1988 or 1989.

I hate attending afternoon games anyway as it wipes out a good part of my day and if they lose I am pissed for the rest of the day and if they win I am left wanting more. Give me a night game anytime where I can be productive all day and then end it with a hockey game. Then if they win I can go to bed happy, if they lose I go to bed pissed an have a better perspective in the morning.

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TV Land is right, probably. you figure most afternoon games are either Saturday or Sunday, only one Sunday game is in the evening, typically. I figure the Leafs (and the other canadian teams) play a lot of Sat night games because of HNIC.

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I guess what I don't understand is why wouldn't it be even across the board: every team in the league plays the same amount of day games. Seems odd to me that one team can have 16 while another has only 2.

Atlantic division teams are 5 of the top 6. Could it be basketball that gets precedence?

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thats a good question with the basketball. You would certainly think if that was the cause, they could do a much better job of balancing it out. Then again, the Sens don't have a basketball team and they have 11 day games compared to their neighbors Toronto who only have 2.

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Y'know... I'm watching that video, and I'm seeing Peter walking around NYC, and he doesn't look like he's limping or anything, and I'm thinking, the ankle looks pretty ok... hmmmmm... ?

Forsberg had stated that the issues were how he didn't have feeling, strength, in his feet, in the boots to control skating on his edges.

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Anybody? How many day games come later in the season. I have no facts but they seem to happen more often near the end. I wonder if the basketball and other entertainment venues enter into the schedule?

Sorry no answers just questions.

The Flyers have 4 afternoon games left or the schedule: 3/17 1pm @ Boston, 3/18 3pm @ Home Pittsburgh, 3/31 1pm @ Home Ottawa, and 4/07 3pm@ Pittsburgh for the final game of the regular schedule.

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