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Is DeBoer the sole decision maker in making the Bad Decision to put Robin Lehner in goal when the chips are down and "Must Wins" are obvious to most fans....??

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Let's not forget around this time last year when the Best Record was at stake and an "easier" playoff road to travel was the "Must Win" scenario......who gets the call to tend the net....Lehner....and he lost....

Amnesia or flat out bad decision making ( ...I won't say "coaching" ....) was made again....Lehner....lost again most recently ...when it is on the line again...WAKE UP !

Is DeBoer deciding this ...or does it come from the Foley/Maloof camp??  Lehner is a BAD liability ...and cannot keep the puck out of the net when it counts...and He FLOPS! ....he shouldn't be called: "Panda" ...but rather "Duncan" ....size never replaces quickness and agility that we once had between the pipes.......was management upset by an APPLE phone ad??....

The fans deserve better and shouldn't support poor judgement of the selection of Goalie (Lehner) ...we have better....and HAD the Best. 

Bad Management/Bad Coaching/Bad Decision Making is the Mastodon in the room......DeBoer/Lehner should go....period.

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...yeah...I didn't trade Fleury!....and all of Vegas was shell-shocked....still !   ...Good to know management has their finger on the pulse of the team....Not!  These guys play a bad game of Monopoly.  So much for the playoffs 5 years in a row....since inception.


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12 minutes ago, mojo1917 said:

Peter DeBoer, you're the top candidate for the Flyers coaching spot!

C'mon down.


Wait a little bit, Bowness might be available if the Stars poo in the fan and miss the postseason. He said he's all-in to be an NHL head coach for the next 50 years or so.

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