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23 Comebacks - Good teams find ways to win

Guest Digityman

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1. Nov. 5 -- Red Wings 5, Ducks 0

The start of the home winning streak was the end of a six-game slide. Nicklas Lidstrom scored twice and Jimmy Howard made 22 saves.

2. Nov. 8 -- Red Wings 5, Avalanche 2

Johan Franzen had a hat trick as Detroit jumped to a 3-0 lead and never looked back.

3. Nov. 11 -- Red Wings 3, Oilers 0

Jimmy Howard's third shutout of the season was supported by goals from Drew Miller, Niklas Kronwall and Valtteri Filppula.

4. Nov. 12 -- Red Wings 5, Stars 2

It was 2-2 entering the third period, but Johan Franzen, Darren Helm and Brad Stuart scored for the Red Wings.

5. Nov. 23 -- Red Wings 5, Flames 3

The difference was three-power play goals, two from Tomas Holmstrom and one from Pavel Datsyuk.

6. Nov. 26 -- Red Wings 4, Predators 1 |Recap

Detroit held Nashville to 19 shots. Valtteri Filppula scored twice.

7. Nov. 30 -- Red Wings 4, Lightning 2

Steve Yzerman's first game in Detroit since becoming Tampa's GM was ruined by a pair of third-period goals for the Wings.

8. Dec. 8 -- Red Wings 5, Coyotes 2

Detroit scored the game's first five goals and had goals on its first two shots. Jimmy Howard made 30 saves.

9. Dec. 10 -- Red Wings 7, Jets 1

Seven Red Wings scored goals, and all of them came at even strength.

10. Dec. 17 -- Red Wings 8, Kings 2

Corey Emmerton and Drew Miller each had two goals in the laugher.

11. Dec. 27 -- Red Wings 3, Blues 2

The Wings trailed 2-0 late in the second period before Nicklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk and Niklas Kronwall won it for Detroit.

12. Dec. 31 -- Red Wings 3, Blues 0

Jimmy Howard made 30 saves, and Detroit did all its scoring in the second period.

13. Jan. 12 -- Red Wings 3, Coyotes 2, SO

Johan Franzen tied the game midway through the third, and Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg scored in the shootout.

14. Jan. 14 -- Red Wings 3, Blackhawks 2, OT

Jonathan Toews forced OT by scoring with 51.7 seconds remaining, but Todd Bertuzzi won it with 39 seconds to go in overtime.

15. Jan. 16 -- Red Wings 5, Sabres 0

Jimmy Howard's 27 saves gave him another shutout as five Red Wings scored in the win.

16. Jan. 21 -- Red Wings 3, Blue Jackets 2, SO

The Jackets provided a stiff test, but Valtteri Filppula's shootout goal kept the streak alive.

17. Jan. 23 -- Red Wings 3, Blues 1

St. Louis again held a lead in Hockeytown, but it was wiped out by goals from Pavel Datsyuk, Niklas Kronwall and Johan Franzen.

18. Feb. 8 -- Red Wings 4, Oilers 2

The All-Star break and loss of Jimmy Howard to a broken finger during a road trip did nothing to slow Detroit.

19. Feb. 10 -- Red Wings 2, Ducks 1, SO

Backup Joey MacDonald won the goaltending duel, making 29 saves and stopping two of three attempts in the shootout.

20. Feb. 12 -- Red Wings 4, Flyers 3

The come-from-behind win tied the record for longest home winning streak, held by the 1975-76 Flyers and 1929-30 Bruins.

21. Feb. 14 -- Red Wings 3, Stars 1

Detroit set the record on the strength of goals by Henrik Zetterberg, Brad Stuart and Jiri Hudler. Joey MacDonald made 20 saves.

22. Feb. 17 -- Red Wings 2, Predators 1

The game appeared destined for overtime, but Pavel Datsyuk scored with five seconds remaining to win it.

23. Feb. 19 -- Red Wings 3, Sharks 2

It was another strong showing for Joey MacDonald, who made 31 saves to extend the record.

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