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Is it time for the Caps to move Ovechkin?

Guest Digityman

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This was discussed on another board.

The Great 8 Alexander Ovechkin was no.1 pick back in 2004 and after that he has won Calder trophy, Maurice Richard trophy, Art Ross and has been voted for MVP many times in his short career so far.

After 5 amazing seasons in the NHL Ovechkin's 6th season with Caps was a little disappointment finishing 32 goals and 53 assists (85 points) but still in the top 10 in points.

After 23 games this season AO has scored 8 goals and 10 assists and -6 so far when guys like Kessel,Giroux,Sedin etc are over 10 points ahead.

Is the star of number 8 fading away and what has to be done to make AO a 50 goal scorer and over 100 point performer?

When comparing to his rival Sidney Crosby who just returned after long break AO has been left behind clearly and is it only a matter of time when Crosby passes Ovechkin and maybe everyone else?

Can Dale Hunter make AO a better player or where do you see the problem is?

Is it game plan, teammates, high expectations or what is the reason why Ovechkin is not who as we know him?

Is it time to move OV and what would be a fair offer for him?

Here's his numbers (click to enlarge):


As compared to Claude Giroux's (click to enlarge):


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It is past time to trade Ovie, but he has an unmoveable contract. He has slipped back for several seasons now, nobody would take on that albatross of a contract.

Really? You don't think a southern team that needs to put butts in seats and get to the cap floor would trade for OV? I do. He didn't just go from top 5 player to unmovable contract in two years. There has to be more to it than that.

Every once in a while I hear talk of him being selfish to the point it would affect the team both on and off the ice. Maybe his teammates or coach doesn't like him and it's causing problem in the locker room. Maybe he isn't surrounded by the right group of players.

Who knows in the end but I do think with the right coach, player and some time he could return to form. If that's true, I think you have half the league looking to see what it would take to get him.

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I agree that there would certainly be interest in Ovechkin if he were available, but I don't think a struggling franchise would be the best place for him (although it would help sell tickets). I think he needs to be in a more stable situation where he won't be given the freedom to be a puck hog and try to do everything himself. In that role, I think he could be a valuable addition, but those situations are probably few.

But having said all that, there are other reasons why trading him would be difficult. The Caps can't afford (I don't think) to lose both him and Semin, and I would think Semin is gone after the end of this year. If both leave, who is going score the goals? They have one of the best playmakers in the game in Backstrom, but he needs someone to pass to. And secondly (and maybe more importantly) hockey in DC is hardly on a strong foundation. They have been selling out recently because they've been winning, but if they sink to mediocrity (if they haven't already) then there will be a lot of empty seats at the "Phone Booth". Ovechkin is overwhelmingly the face of the franchise and one of the most prominent athletes in a town that is not really a great sports town. If you're not the Redskins, you'd better be winning and/or have a good drawing card if you want people to pay attention in DC.

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If you're not the Redskins, you'd better be winning and/or have a good drawing card if you want people to pay attention in DC.

Until the recent Phils run, that was Philly too.

If they are going to move Ovechkin then there is something serious coming back. Semin is a UFA(?) at the end of this year so maybe they need to make a choice to move him before the deadline to try to get something for him. Obviously a very difficult choice sitting 2 points out of 8th. I guess he could be traded before the draft for something. But if you don't, you loose him and get nothing.

My point is that there is a way to get a decent return for at least Ovechkin and somewhat for Semin. Hopefully you would get some scoring back.

I agree with you about DC.

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Until the recent Phils run, that was Philly too.

Not really. The Flyers have always drawn well and the Phillies have been at least respectable attendance wise. But I lived in DC for 25 years and it is very definitely a town of front-runners. Before the Caps started winning a few years ago, you could walk up to the box office right before a game against the Flyers and get tickets in the lower level, for under $100.

Agree that if they trade Ovechkin they will have to get a lot in return, but they will lose the ability to market him and that will be difficult to replace. If on top of that they're not winning, the Verizon Center will be empty, fast.

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@Digityman, @Irishjim, @JackStraw

Everybody was creaming themselves at the prospect of getting Nash, despite his contract of 7.8m and running to 2018. The reality is that Ovechkin produces 35% more than Nash. One can argue that they both have played for "poor" teams (Nash obviously more and longer than Ovechkin). But to me it is humorous to see the reaction to his salary.

Crosby and Malkin make 8.7m each and if either was on a team by themselves, would make near Ovechkin money. Nobody in the NHL has anywhere near the number of GWG as Ovechkin since he has been in the league.

While it seems he is selfish and at times one-dimensional, when motivated properly he is money. The problem is while that contract seems proportionately realistic to his production as compared to Malkins and Nash's, it is not realistic for a team that wants to win the cup.

I think a teams like Nashville or Phoenix or maybe the NYI would be good places for him. Particularly Nashville and Phoenix. Both teams have the cap space to afford him and they both have excellent coaches and both (more Nashville) need his kind of production.

I guess the biggest problem would be what would you have to give up? With his contract, I can't think its a ton, unless it is an albatross contract going the other way. Picks / Prospects might get it done.

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Are you saying you would rather have Ovetchkin than Rick Nash? I strongly disagree. Ovetchkin goes to sleep when the going gets tough. He only cares about the money I am starting to believe. He and Crosby are no longer the poster boys they once were. I believe those days are gone. I am wondering how good of a draft crop there is this year. Washington will want a ton for him if they even consider trading the jerk. I know he has talent, but I would not want him on my team.

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