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The Bryzgalov Quote Thread

Guest Digityman

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Feel free to update or add one's I missed.

"When 15,000 people support you, it's very impressive. Here, they were cheering. In Philly, they boo me."

"I will try to find peace in my soul to play in this city,"

"It's easy to find a scapegoat, to put at one guy, I was frustrated with my game. I will continue to work."

"We just have to keep working, be more lucky and win the next game, We didn't deliver today."

"Just a little too late to close the five-hole,"

"These were two very good two teams we played and it's a good two games because we got three points,"

"Sometimes, no matter how much you practice, a player is going to bite you because he makes a good move, They have a couple moves that they’re working on in practice everyday [in normal drills]. Sometimes, everything hits you. Other times, they rip you apart."

"The whole team was satisfied with the way we played, It was a great team win. All four lines were rolling, playing physical and we were safe and sound in the defensive zone."

"What can I do? What can I do? Nothing, Bottom line, I think the team played great. I think the guys at least deserved a point because they battled hard. Fearless."

"The puck just hit the ice in front of me and jumped,"

"To close the game like that is tough,"

"Great job boys, you all are still the best for me, Makarov unbelievable goalie,"

"Bad bounces, (unlucky) goals are my fate I guess,"

"I showed him as little space as possible (between the pads), and he tries to go there (anyway)."

"I was happy with my game. There were some positive signs."

"Let’s not go back and look at the past. Let’s look in the future. I think we had a great game (Thursday). I think the team play was unbelievable."

"Why Canadians so aggressive on twitter,"

"I heard it was still the main goal in Philadelphia to win the Stanley Cup..."

"Too much thinking."

"Six, five, next game if I give up three, it's going to be progress,"

"Lost in the woods."

"It's not the end of the universe,"

"I have great news and even better news, Great news, I'm not playing tomorrow night. Good news, we have a chance to win the game tomorrow night."

"...Enjoy the bench."

"Yes, I am a human, I’m not made from steel."

"I am sick, guys, I was dealing with a cold."

"It was really cold, Big, drunk crowd. Fights. It was very entertaining, because fans were right behind the boards."

"You can’t play in rain, either, They should cancel the game. We’ll have to change our gear and wear swimming hats and Speedos. Rangers versus Flyers water polo!"

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"Siberian Husky. She's all white. Beautiful blue eyes. That's basically blonde girl with blue eyes. Your dream, man."

"I love it. Sometimes hate it. A few weeks ago they broke my chest protector during the practice, and guys continue start hitting me in the same spot. Why so painful? I don't want to be goalie now. Can I sit in the office and accept the calls? Like '1-800 … let me transfer you to a different department.'"

"OK, they fire the puck from the blue line. Chief usually yelling 'block the shot' at the defensemen. They doesn't have the goalie gear, but they have to block the shot. So who is more crazy, me or the defensemen? Who is more weird?"

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I don't even know what that stupid quote means. Really.

"find peace in my soul to play in this city"

It either means the city is so completely whacked that no normal acclimating process could possibly get it done - he'll have to plumb the depths of his everlasting soul to find a way to play the game of hockey in Philadelphia. For 51 million dollars. yeah. right.


Maybe it means that his poor soul is so tortured by all the terrible things the fans, the media (and maybe his teammates) have done to him ... well it'll be an amazing, epic, yes even Herculean struggle but eventually Bryzagalov The Good will soldier on and find peace with it all. God bless him. God bless everyone. God bless Tiny fkn Tim's dumbass too.

Thanks Bryzgalov (he doesn't deserve a nickname) you got me insulting Tiny Tim now.

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