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Cherry says Wings not tough enough!

Guest JackStraw

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Someone remind me... how many Stanley Cups did Grapes win during his career as an NHL head coach?

It IS irritating, isn't it? It's not like the guy is a total hockey idiot. He is NOT. But this recurrent issue about the Wings not fighting is ridiculous. NO team--NONE--has been as successful in the last 2 decades as the Detroit Red Wings. There is no question that the changes in the game and how it is officiated have played to Detroit's system. OK. That's not Detroit's doing. That's the game, and actually with all the injuries/concussions we're seeing, SOMETHING had to be done. Deal with it, Grapes!

But dang it Grapes, success is success. Cups are Cups! A team gets 4 in the last 15 years, they're doing something right. Is it the ONLY way to play hockey? No. But it WORKS, and it will continue to do so.

BTW, this year more than many others, I think the Wings have actually played a tougher game than in many years past. Kronwall and Stuart lead in hitting legally and powerfully. They have not dropped gloves, but fighting is not the only way to play tough. I think San Jose plays a tough game. They had nothing to apologize for the other day against the Wings other than the score. That was a great hockey game to watch. Few would say it wasn't played "tough."

On the flip side, I DO think that Kronner should be ready to drop the gloves if he hits somebody like Kessel or Briere who were able to get up immediately, drop 'em and say, "Let's go!" That is a FAIR criticism. I'd like to see Kronner face Kessel in that circumstance. He needs to be man enough to drop 'em to back up a hit like that if they're still standing after it. He should finish what he starts.

But making teams who play around the rules like, say, Marchand is known to do by scoring on the ensuing PP is NOT a bad strategy. Teams aught to think twice before they bend/break the rules against a team like this.

The curious thing is that despite the skill, our PP hasn't even been that GOOD this year. OK maaaaybe OK, but certainly not great. Our strength is going toe-to-toe even strength. Not sure why that is. Hopefully Quincey can help with the PP.

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