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*** 2021-22 Playoffs Opening Round: Dallas Stars (WC1) at Calgary Flames (P1) - (CGY WINS 4-3) ***

DAL vs CGY  

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  1. 1. Wild Card Upset or Division Winner Dominance?

    • 1- Stars shock everyone (except themselves) by putting away the Flames in 4!
    • 2- Stars in 5, play out of their minds, match Calgary in every category, and skate off with the convincing series win.
    • 3- Stars in 6, showing Dallas really can play with the big boys, face adversity, and come out on top.
    • 4- Stars in 7 in a brutal series where perhaps the Flames didn't capitalize on all their chances, while Dallas certainly did!
    • 5- Flames in 4. Nothing to see here folks...Calgary does what some expect, and do away with the pretending Stars.
    • 6- Flames in 5. Dallas offers a bit of resistance, but nothing that phases the Flames. Onward Cgy marches.
    • 7- Flames in 6. Stars put up a bigger fight than people think, make things interesting, but Flames still too much.
    • 8- Flames in 7. Dallas pushes Sutter's boys to the limit and almost pull it out, but find themselves just shy of glory.

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Well i had a Flames vs Bolts rematch still looks on but Flames have me 2nd guessing it.



About the only place you could put it.

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Flames in 5.  The Flames are too deep, have the much better special teams, and have the better goaltending.

Went five games for the same reason

Wow Leaf Nation would collectively collapse and need medical attention...

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Welp, the Stars were a pain in the arse until the very end but there's some justice after all. Mixed feelings after this logical outcome.


The minuses: I don't buy the "squad built for the playoffs" and "they played great to put the Flames in the cords" BS. They push the series to the limit only because of Öttinger. I set a threshold to a SV% of .940, well it should have been even higher. Put a only very good goalie in net and it's a sweep. 


The first four games were stinkers, old school boring trap Lemaire-like hockey. Then it become watchable and ejoyable from game #5. The Flames put 50+ shots on goal in two games. That tells a lot about the quality of defense-first mindset of the team.


Dig in the stats, I've never seen a team playing with a goalie having an overall .954 SV% and 1.81 GAA and still losing a series. That also tells a lot about the inept offense of the Stars. The playoffs tends to narrow the shift between two teams but the difference was still huge. So close, but so far away.


The pluses: We may have our franchise goalie for the next years and hope he doesn't turn into a Niemi 2.0. Öttinger made tremendous progress compared to last year, especially on breakaways and regularity. With him and Hintz, Robertson, Heiskanen and prospects Harley, the Stars have a good core to build around. However, they are still stuck with toxic contracts (Benn, Seguin, Suter) and I'm worried about a country club culture that might come from that. I'd buy out Suter (the cap penalty is totally ok and manageable) and find another second-line Dman just to avoid what happened in Minny, but that won't happen.

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On 5/16/2022 at 11:30 AM, Math said:

another second-line Dman


Right-handed, but NOT PETRY !!!


(and not Dumba, unless we trade for him and find a way to ship out Gurianov and Faksa)

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