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*** 2021-22 Playoffs Opening Round: Washington Capitals (WC2) at Florida Panthers (A1) - (FLA WINS 4-2) ***

WSH vs FLA  

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  1. 1. Caps or Cats? You make the call!

    • 1- Capitals in 4. Ovie is healthy, is a monster, and everyone else on the team become monsters too. Florida is skinned alive!
    • 2- Capitals in 5. Wsh takes it to Florida, Panthers grab a win, but find out real quick the playoffs and regular season are NOT the same.
    • 3- Capitals in 6. Each team dictates the pace, each come out with wins because of it....but the Caps don't need a full series to upset Mr. President Trophy Winners.
    • 4- Capitals in 7. Thrilling series that features everything, including the lowly WC seed ousting the highest point getters. Would Ovie and his Caps be on their way to Lord Stanley then??
    • 5- Panthers in 4. Washington are back to being regular season competitors. Nothing more than an annoyance to the Cats.
    • 6- Panthers in 5. Capitals try but the Panthers laugh at their feeble attempts at greatness.
    • 7- Panthers in 6. Washington gives as good as they get, but Florida won't be denied, certainly not by these wild card dudes.
    • 8- Panthers in 7. Cats get a close call scare...Capitals looked like they would ruin their run, but Florida, with the dozen home ice fans behind them, pull out the distance series win!

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Nice to see the Giroux acquisition paying off in a big way. I'm happy for Bob too - first goalie to 4 wins.


I love that 6 of the 8 series are going to G7. I imagine that hasn't happened very often (if ever) since they went to 16 PO teams.




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The Superbowl, World Series, NBA Championships, World Cup. Nothing even comes close to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Postgame show said Beninati lost his voice.  But yeah, COVID not gone.  Most of the time I care for my elderly mother in the Midwest who is immunocompromised.  We’ve both taken 2nd booster.  Still, I mask everywhere, since if I get it, she’ll get it and likely not survive it.  When I go to a Midwest grocery store or pharmacy, I’ve been in a small minority of The Masked recently.

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12 hours ago, FireDillabaugh said:

Great game by Giroux and one heck of a series by Verhaeghe.




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