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Carter talks about joining Kings

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Carter talks about joining Kings

Posted by Rich Hammond on 25 February 2012, 3:16 pm

DSC00025-225x300.jpgHere’s what Jeff Carter said a few minutes ago about his trade to the Kings. Carter is expected to play tonight…

CARTER: “It feels good. It’s been a long day and a half or so, but I’m excited to get here and get right into the lineup.’’

Question: Excited to get back with Mike (Richards) as well?

CARTER: “Yeah, obviously we’re good friends. It just so happened that we end up together again, so it’s obviously nice to play with him.’’

Question: How do you sum up your time in Columbus?

CARTER: “It was short. I think, when we went in there, the team as a whole, we had some high expectations. There was a lot of buzz around the city, and for whatever reason it didn’t happen for us. You can say that we had lots of injuries and suspensions, and the team didn’t have time to click, but that’s kind of the way it goes sometimes. When the team performs like that, they’re going to make moves.’’

Question: Did you approach them about a trade, or did they tell you?

CARTER: “It just kind of happened that way. I didn’t ask for a trade.’’

Question: When did they tell you they were thinking of moving you?

CARTER: “I didn’t really know. There’s been a lot of rumors going around. I just kind of rolled with it and tried to play some good hockey. … When a team under-performs like that, especially with the expectations we had coming into the season, there’s always going to be moves. That’s just the way it is sometimes.’’

Question: Was it a frustrating year for you?

CARTER: “It was obviously a tough year. I went in and felt pretty good in the preseason, was starting to kind of get acclimated with linemates and the team and whatnot. Then I break my foot and I’m out four weeks. Come back and start to get going again, and then I’m out with the shoulder injury. It was a real up-and-down, a lot of time to kind of sit back and reflect on things. I think, since I’ve been back from my shoulder, I’ve started to play some pretty good hockey, so I’m looking to carry it over here.’’

Question: What was the conversation like with Mike, when you found out you were coming here?

CARTER: “To be honest with you, I really didn’t have much time to talk to him until I got out here. I was pretty busy with things back there, getting things settled down. Obviously we’re both excited. We’ve become real close friends and enjoy playing together. We’ll look forward to getting it going here.’’

Question: In Philadelphia, you guys came real close (to winning the Stanley Cup). What do you think is possible here?

CARTER: “We never probably thought this would happen again, especially this quick. Obviously we’re both pleased with it. For me, coming to this team, I told Mike when he got traded here, `You’ve got a heck of a team. You’ve got a chance to win.’ So I’m excited to be a part of it. We’ve got a lot of work to do here, ahead of us, but I’m excited.’’

Question: Mike talked about how the media in Philadelphia was tough and made up stuff. Do you feel that way about the way you were treated as well?

CARTER: “I’ve moved on for that. It’s in the past. We can sit here and go on for months and months and months and talk about it, but honestly I’m over that. I’ve moved on and I’m excited to be here.’’

Question: Were you treated fairly there?

CARTER: “Obviously it’s a tough market to play in. The media is hard. The media is hard in other cities too. It is what it is, though.’’

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Welcome Jeff Carter! Bring the Party to LA!

So much on the internet about how much Jeff Carter and Mike Richards party. They drink and go out with girls! Well, this King’s fan decided to see just how bad Richards and Carter are and I scoured the internet in search for pics:


OOps! Thats Upshall for the flyers..I’ll keep looking…


Nope – Ovechkin from the Capitols…


Hi back at you, Patrick Cane from the Blackhawks!…


Well, here we have Tootoo from Nashville….I’ll keep looking…


Staal and Malkin – Penguins…


Perros and Perry from the Ducks. I don’t mind Parros too much, Perry just burned my retinas…


One more Ovechkin because…well, he thinks the upside down glasses work…

Ok, ok. I guess you can see what I’m getting at. The fact remains that they are young guys with millions of dollars and they are single. Of course they are going to party! And if you say you wouldn’t, you are lying to yourself. If you were playing the game you loved in the NHL and just received your first multi million dollar contract, you bet your booty you’d have a drink in one hand and a babe in the other ASAP!

The Kings have had a horrible time scoring and they are so tight and stressed that its a miracle they can bend their knees. There is no joy! And like it or not, this is a game. Bringing in Jeff Carter who in his whole career of 500 games, he has scored a goal 196 times and has 172 assists. Just for comparison sake, Kopitar has 155 goals and 254 assists in 454 games. Or how about Mike Richards? He has 147 goals and 233 assists in 506 games. So what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a goal scorer.

Maybe its time for a little partying in LA? Its sure hasn’t hurt the guys pictured above. So I don’t think it will hurt these two below:





So come on Kings! Go ahead and party if it will help – just…well…not too much.


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