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What an absolute pathetic effort 

Off topic just a bit, but I feel is important: For those in the paths or have family in the paths of the storms and/or tornadoes in Minnesota, hope you are all well. We are in the St. Paul 'burbs and under tornado watch, and even now I can hear the thunder and the trees rattling a bit, but I know others are in worse situations. Not religious personally, so won't pray, but will send out positive vibrations and well intentioned thoughts to those who need them! Sorry bout that, people, b

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19 hours ago, Alexandron said:

0:4 Maybe it is a time to replace him too this off-season.

3 seasons in a row(since 2019) with him as a head coach we are not capable to pass 1st playoffs round.

Personally I don't look at it that way.
The previous 2 *Seasons along with the players Evason inherited was a mess.
Guerin went out and built this current team, So I'll say it's Evason's first real season coaching.
He relies on his coaching staff and maybe needs to realize certain coaches might have to go.
Namely the PP coach (Darby?)
His plan doesn't seem to fit our player's skills or it's TOO planned.
While 5 on 5 with the same players, We're very good...but then we get a PP, Suddenly everything changes. Almost to the point of taking the wind out of our sails and that's not what a PP should do.
2nd unit comes in and seems to have free reign to do whatever compared to the first unit.
This needs a total redo.

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On 5/12/2022 at 11:41 PM, Jimtown guy said:


Michael Russo@RussoHockey

· May 13

Florida Panthers win a playoff series for the first time since 1996. Congrats to Bill Zito and Andrew Brunette!


It took for Florida Panthers 25 years to win 1st playoffs series, but that team have got a President Trophy this season.

 I was thinking that we will be able to reach playoffs finals or at least a Conference finals this year. This playoffs showed me that we should not plan on winning too many rounds. Let's plan to pass one round first to avoid 8 years playoffs losing streaks. I think next year we are going to win series(to pass the 1st round).🙂

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