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Lavy Unhappy With Jvr

Guest Hexy27

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I didn't think he had a bad game against Buffalo. Nowhere near enough to be benched.

In general I think Lavy does a good job of getting his message across to players. He limited Hartnell's ice time and now he has been on a roll. I find this one a bit of a head scratcher, however.

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Lavy has benched JvR on numerous occasions before with little or no results. I hope it sinks in this time, but my finger is starting to point towards Lavy with all his line juggling. He needs to keep the same guys together at all times barring injury.

And WTF he went with Simmonds on the shootout? That was the laziest attempt at a shoot out (From Simmonds) that I have ever witnessed. Maybe he should bench Simmonds before JvR. Wayne must be sick or something because he was get man handled big time yesterday.

Anyhow, the other night you could hear Berube and JvR going at it on the bench (the Vs mic feed was picking it up clear as day). I am starting to suspect that the contract that JvR was rewarded with last summer is going to his head. He (JvR) should be very careful because Holmgren has no problem sending a player off to the hockey gulags..... ask Jeff Carter.

In respect to the lines, I would like to see:




Rinaldo-Talbot-Harry Z

Oh and if they can send Lilja back to Detroit that would be great.

Other than that, Lavy needs to simplify the breakouts because they are spending a lot of time back peddling in their own zone. Speaking as Lavy: "For every cross ice d-zone pass that I see there should be 20 lashings. And if you must pass the biscuit through the D Zone, you better put some damn heat on it." Well that is what I would say if I were Lavy.

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I don't think JVR is playing as well as he did in the post season last year, but I do think he looks alot better than he did this time last season.

I think Simmonds has alot of upside but he seems to be in a funk lately as well. If you were going to bench someone for yesterday's game I would have benched him. He started the season with alot of grit and energy but the season is still young and he seems to have fizzled a bit.

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