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*** 2021-22, 2nd Round SC Playoffs: St. Louis Blues (C3) at Colorado Avalanche (C1) - (COL WINS 4-2) ***

St. L vs Col  

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  1. 1. Which Heavy Hitter Goes To The West Finals?

    • 1-- Blues in 4. Feeling all kinds of giddy after putting down MN, they do double damage to the highly touted Avalanche!
    • 2-- Blues in 5. They stifle and stymie the Avs, give up only 1 game, and skate away a playoff monster
    • 3-- Blues in 6. Tough, bruising series that comes down to opportunities taken, and StL certainly does that
    • 4-- Blues in 7. Could have gone either way, but StL would not be denied another Western berth as they their 2nd Cup!
    • 5-- Avalanche in 4. Blues are no different to the Avs than the Preds...simply a different flavored snack!
    • 6-- Avalanche in 5. StL puts up a fuss, but their blue line simply cannot match the power of the Colorado attack
    • 7-- Avalanche in 6. Great series where the Blues acquit themselves well, but Colorado is just better.
    • 8-- Avalanche in 7. Blues give as good as they get, but Colorado makes off with the series win anyways.

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Season Series...Who won it?
Avalanche took season series, 2-1-0

Blues coming off a solid, rough n tumble 6-game series win against the Minnesota Wild. They are also coming with some battered bodies on the blue line which could mean their workload will be made that much harder in this round.

Avalanche made relatively short work of the Nashville Predators in the previous round. I say "relatively" because the Preds, at points did play them tough, but ultimately failed to get a single win as Colorado swept them away.

Which teams make adjustments to the other to better their chances at a win? The Avs most likely come into this one as favorites, but the Blues still have much of the same core that helped them to a title not so long ago, showed that pedigree in the previous round, and could upset the Avalanche here.

But Colorado has an awesome offense, a defense that some underrate (I've certainly questioned it), and an overall skillset and swagger, that, if the Blues don't come prepared, or have the proper depth to deal with it, could get crushed under tons of rock!

Blues, Avalanche, second round mayhem talk, goes right here...and don't forget to place your votes to have your prediction heard before polls close! 

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Goalies: :blues:

Defense: :avalanche:

Offense: :avalanche:

Special teams (PP/PK): :avalanche:

Coaching: :avalanche:

Mental: :blues:

Experience: :blues:

Robustness: :blues:

Depth: :avalanche:


A lot of aspects when §both teams are quite close. I'll go with Colorado in 6.

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Another series to go 7 games and the Blues will give the Avalanche all they can take. Watch Parayko, Leddy, and Faulk frustrate the Avalanche. They may not completely shut down the Avalanche offensive attack, but they will slow them down. Jordan Binnington could also be back on track which also could mean headaches for the Avalanche. I still see the likes of Mackinnon, Rantanen, Landeskog, and the rest getting the job done and will win the series in game 7. 

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Every round, I usually have an "upset special" or two.
Every year, they happen, sometimes more than once...the trick becomes picking who and where, based on how teams have performed to that point and who they are matched up against.

I thought the MN-STL series would be hard on both teams...that whomever came out may be depleted physically and emotionally, facing either Nashville, or more likely, Colorado as is the case here.
I still feel that. So this series is NOT an upset special waiting to happen. Nope, not gonna happen. :bigteeth: 

I am no fan of the hype machine behind Colorado since pre-season, but even I have to admit this team has just gotten better and better, more complete, and more legit as the season wore on and into this playoff session.
They did away, relatively easily, a team in the Preds whom I thought may have the chops to cause them problems defensively.
Sure, Nashville was without their number one goalie, and they did play some of those games they lost very close, but the bottom line is, Colorado got it done and left no doubt in my mind that they SHOULD be where they are now.

Minnesota had chances to bury the Blues and simply couldn't finish. I don't believe the Avalanche will have such problems "finishing"....especially if the Blues don't have all their key pieces in place, and if Jordan Binnington/Ville Husso/Jake Allen/Grant Fuhr/freakin Cujo or whomever else they wanna put in net, doesn't stand on their head and play out of their damned minds to hold off the formidable Avs.

Blues are likely, and should be, big underdogs here, BUT, that doesn't mean they don't have a shot.
I still question Darcy Kuemper in net for Colorado, and if the Avs get it into their heads that they need to somehow change their playstyle to "protect" Darcy more than any other goalie that may be in there, THAT could be the opening the Blues need to play their game, grind down the Avs, then have the likes of Perron, Kyrou (love that guy...he is the Blues poster boy up top for this round!), Tarasenko, Schenn, O'Reilly do their thing on the scoreboard.

But, I think Colorado plays the part of SC Contender well yet again. 
No upset special here people.
In fact, going Avalanche in 5.
Yep, you heard it, FIVE. I just think they are more than ready to take on the Blues, are well rested, and want the Cup right now.


But it doesn't mean five games will be easy. May only go five, but wouldn't surprise me if those five are hotly contested.
Kuemper and possibly some 'layoff rust' may hinder Colorado, especially in the early part of the set, but I don't think a championship caliber team lets things like that bother them too much.
And the Avs ARE "championship caliber" right? Right??

That's what the hype is telling me....so for once, I will believe the hype. :) 

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3 hours ago, Alexandron said:

I would predict Blues in 6.  I think they have a better experience for a long playoffs run. Of course, a lot is depending from their goaltending.


That DOES seem to be a sticking point for this series....the goaltending.
Which Jordan Binnington shows up?
The SC winning type? Or the guy who couldn't buy a start during the regular season?

Same could be said of Darcy Kuemper.
He has looked very, very good for stretches during the season......then, looks like the WILD-ly (see what I did there? :bigteeth:  ) inconsistent guy many of us know.
IF he can even stay healthy that is.

Let's say both somehow flop.... is Ville Husso > Pavel Francouz? Yet another goaltending question with this series.

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Uh oh...looks like the "Couldn't Buy A Start" Binnington is back in there for St. Louis.

That long range shot by Girard looked stoppable. 
Binny looked like he saw it all the way but was just too slow to react.
He looked partially screened by his own guy, but still, seemed like he DID see the shot.

Classic "would like that one back"? Probably.
2-1 Avalanche.

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  • TropicalFruitGirl26 changed the title to 2021-22, 2nd Round SC Playoffs: St. Louis Blues (C3) at Colorado Avalanche (C1) - (COL Leads 1-0)

The Avalanche will lose their first game of the playoffs in this series, but only 1 game. I don't see St. Louis has the advantage anywhere on the ice. Colorado has the better goalie in Kuemper even with the black eye, the defense is better especially with Makar, and the Avs offense is explosive at times. If we get picky we can say St. Louis has the playoff experience over Colorado. That might get them one game in the series. 

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4 minutes ago, FireDillabaugh said:

Welcome to the site.  They played Game 1 last night.  The Avs won in OT.

I know, I meang that they swept the 1st round series over Nashville and then won last night. Meaning they have yet to lose a game in the playoffs. I do feel however they will lose 1 game in this 2nd round series to St. Louis , but win the series in 5 games. 


I probably didn't explain that very well. 😕

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1 hour ago, FireDillabaugh said:

I read that wrong then.  My bad.

Me too, but re-reading it I understood All Hail Cale.  (Oh and btw…”We’re not worthy…”)


Well doggoneit though.  I picked this going 7.  That included St Louis stealing game 1 from a “rusty” Avs bunch who hadn’t played for 8 days.  Now that Colorado utterly dominated and won the OT, they’re back in their saddles.  I have little hope now in my Avs-in-7.  Pooey…

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On 5/18/2022 at 7:42 PM, SaucyJack said:

Now that Colorado utterly dominated and won the OT, they’re back in their saddles.  I have little hope now in my Avs-in-7.  Pooey…

“What, me worry?”  Series tied 1-1.  Seven game series either way now a decent bet.

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  • TropicalFruitGirl26 changed the title to 2021-22, 2nd Round SC Playoffs: St. Louis Blues (C3) at Colorado Avalanche (C1) - (Series Even 1-1)

Binnington is injured now in game#3 during the 1st period. Not sure if Husso is better than Binnington. Colorado now has a chance in winning. Binnington was an outstanding this playoffs 1st round and first 2 games of 2nd round. Probably, he was the best among all goalies this playoffs. His GAA in 5 games was 1.75.

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