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Possible candidates for Rick Bowness replacement


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#1. Rick Tocchet- He was already considered a replacement midway through the season for Bowness before negotiations broke off. Could they resurface and Tocchet become the head coach next season for the Dallas Stars? There has to be some interest in him from the FO.


#2. Jeff Halpren- The Assistant Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning has to be given some of the credit of the success of what the Lightning have done these past years and especially with the success of the power play. He also played a few seasons with the Stars and could easily be a good addition as head coach behind the Stars bench.


#3. Marc Savard- the head coach of the OHL Windsor Spitfires. He has zero experience coaching in the NHL, but has been a very successful coach of the Spitfires. He also coaches one of the top Dallas prospects and has helped him turn into an offensive weapon this past season. He deserves an interview. 

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Heard on the TSN broadcast that Bowness was supposed to be sacked anyway but both sides didn't agree on the contract duration. So Bowness remained in place by default...


Other names that popped: Steve Ott (Doing a good job in St-Louis and he knows the house), Paul Maurice (supposed to be too much of a players' pal which must be avoided), Peter DeBoer (great relation with Pavelski in SJ but I remain skeptical), Trotz (of course, but Philly is ahead and I don't want to have another dinosaur to turn Robertson into a two-way grinder), Tortorella (ok for vet butt-kicking, I'd rather have him on some freelance day-to-day contract if needed).


I don't think the Stars will go to the recycling route and bring Monty back for example. I have the feeling they will go with a coach that never had any coaching experience in the NHL. Savard and Ott seem to be ahead. That will mostly depend on the team philosophy the Stars are willing to go...

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