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Why Do We Suck So Bad In Shootouts?

Guest pilldoc

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1) Not Choosing jagr.

2) Choosing Simmonds first.

3) Giroux not even getting the shot off.

4) Not choosing Voracek.

5) All of the above putting pressure on the goalie to be flawless...

6) Don't get to the shootout in the first place.

7) and if you do, probably just be happy with the one point...

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I blame Stevens...then Richards...then Carter.

Then Shelley and Hartnell.

Funny stuff!! I think that'd be my order too. With Hartnell dropping a few spots since his play's improved. What I want to know is do you think they practice this stuff?? They ought to take a day and do nothing by penalty shots. Heck, Talbot looked better and more poised than Simmonds.

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I would like to see Bryz in a shootout. He hasn't been in one yet as a flyer right?? Boosh and Bob was our problem last year.....

I think Bob is way to "shaky" for the shootout. Too much time to think about the shot coming and such...I just think he plays MUCH better in the heat of the moment acting on instinct as opposed to having a bunch of time to "think" about what the shooter is doing. If we went with Jagr, Giroux, Briere, and JVR every time I don't see why our shooters would be the issue! Not that JVR is a stud right now but man....I would take Giroux, Briere, and Jagr in a shootout ALL DAY LONG!

Didn't Kimmo of all people show some potential last season in the shootout??? Try him! Simmonds isn't out of the question but CERTAINLY not in the top spot (or the top 3 spots for that matter).....

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