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2021-22 Awards: (Poll) who wins the Hart?


who wins the hart trophy  

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  1. 1. Who wins the hart as the league MVP?

    • McDavid 44-79-123 Led league in scoring and power play assists
    • Matthews 60-46-106 led league with 60 goals
    • Shesterkin 36-13-4 led all goalies with a 9.35 save pct. and 2.07 goals against

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I voted for Matthews because I felt his season was more munumental that Mcdavids. McJesus puts out high end elite seasons like punching a clcok, this is the season that MaTthews and Toronto fans have been dreaming of out of him. I give his year an ever so slight edge.


  Shester IMHO is a distant third, or fourth behind Huberdeau or fifth behind Makar. I am not a big fan of goalies winning the Hart unless their season is just so dominant that you cannot help but sit up and take notice and yes, his season was special, but IMHO not special enough to deserve Hart consideration. I know I will catch heat for this but IMHO it is kind of like a pitcher winning baseballs MVP. It had better be a damn special seaspn. IMHO 82 games of Hubie or Makar is more an MVP season than 53 games from Shester. It is not his fault that he has a very competent young backup in Georgiev but Georgiev started over a third of the time for the NYR and I think that has to count. If in your mind you can say 53 Shester starts outweights 82 games played for an elite player when you are considering your vote, I understand and wont argue, I just see it different. 


 So IMHO Matthews in a close one over McDavid.



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I've been one of Auston Matthews biggest critics since the very beginning.
Not only am I inundated with TML news whenever I turn on a hockey news outlet, but am also treated, ad nauseum, to every single thing players like Matthews or Marner are doing on a daily basis (Guess what Auston had for breakfast this morning? That's right...Cheerios...and they will help him lead his team to a first round victory!.... Hint: He shoulda ate the Frosted Flakes :ph34r: ).

This sorta makes me turn my nose up at anything TML and Matthews almost immediately.

That all said, I've watched a few more Leaves® games this year than I have in seasons past, and I must say:
Auston Matthews has stepped up his game in a big, big way....and in more ways that just scoring.

He has truly become a more complete, do-everything and do-it-very-well, type player.
We all know he scores and sets guys up. We all know he elevates his linemates (I think he even made Tyler Freakin Innis a viable NHL player for a bit playing alongside him!).

Matthews can be seen backchecking, disrupting players, taking the body, going into the dirty areas of the ice, and was even quite the face off man this season (an area he has steadily improved on year after year he has been in the league), at a nearly 60% clip with over 1200 draws taken!

McDavid is McDavid and will ALWAYS be in any conversation, deservedly so, about the Hart.
Shesterkin? Well, goalies have their own award, the Vezina, which I consider to be the Goalie's Hart.

So I would vote Auston Cheerios Matthews for this year's Hart.
If the Leaves® were to lose John Tavares for a stretch, or even Mitch Marner (though he WOULD be a big loss...bigger than Johnny Pajamas, IMO), Willie Nylander, or one of the top four defensemen (does Toronto really have any of those? :shifty: ), I think they would be alright.

But they aren't nearly as dangerous, aren't nearly as dynamic, and would be much easier to play against, if Auston Matthews were missing from their lineup.
So yea.

Given all that Matthews provides to his team, how much work he has put in to be more than just a one dimensional player, and from what I can tell, STILL improving...and the fact that his team simply cannot do without him for long stretches, I'd say AM for the MVP.

And coming from a 'Sick-Of-Toronto-Saturation' hockey fan, that is saying something!  :) 


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I've been wrong before, but Matthews probably wins it due to scoring 60 goals. Between that being a rare thing and voters saying "Ah; McDavid's already won a couple and will probably win more" they'll most likely go for Matthews.


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My vote went to Matthews and it is because I feel he is the most valuable to his team which is what the award is all about. I fully understand that the two other players up for this award are still standing in the playoffs and McDavid and Shesterkin are very important to their teams. McDavid certainly can carry a game on his back, but he also has another top player on his team in Draisaitl to do this with. Shesterkin definitely had an amazing year for the Rangers and is a huge reason they are still standing in the playoffs. The Rangers though are also a very well rounded club with Mika, The Bread Man, Fox, The Kid Line, and Kreider.


With Matthews he does have Mitch Marner who is great, but not quite on the same level as Draisaitl. Then they have a few other players like Tavaras, Nylander who is streaky, the young Bunting, and Rielly who is good, but not the team the Rangers have or the top tier player the Oilers have to go along with McDavid along with E.Kane, Nurse, Hyman, and Nugent Hopkins.

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Auston Matthews if he had a player like Leon Draisaitl playing on the same team as him his numbers would be even more outrageous. He has Mitch Marner and others , but nothing really of the caliber of Draisaitl.  I truly believe Matthews would put up higher numbers than McDavid if he had a player like Draisaitl. That is why he deserves this award. 

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There's always an odd sort of thing that goes on when it comes to Leon Draisaitl, where a lot of fans can't quite make their minds about him, and opt to play both sides of the field. When it comes to talking about how good he is, it's usually "Draisaitl wouldn't be so good if it wasn't for Connor McDavid", but when it comes to time to say why somebody other than McDavid should win the Hart, like Auston Matthews this year, it's "he doesn't get to play with a guy like Leon Draisaitl".


I think some people here are

a)Under-valuing Mitch Marner, and

b) Not remembering that McDavid and Draisaitl centred their own lines.


Either way, I think that Matthews win the Hart this year.


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