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well that is at least some good news.

as we were discussing last night during the game.....it is so blatantly obviously how much Prongs means to the defense. And matter of fact how much he means to the PP.

Columbus is one of those teams you just have to beat. Too bad we are going to miss Mr. Jeff "High and Wide of the net" Carter. :)

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I was wondering when we were going to get an update about his actual vision. I found myself more interested in whether or not the guy could see more than when he was going to return but the return updates were all we were getting. Of course I deduced that the vision thing must've been fine since 1, no news was good news? and 2. he wouldn't be getting return updates unless the vision was fine. this is the first time I'm hearing he's got 20/20 back though. Even better now that his vision is fine that it won't be much longer 'till he's back, amazing the impact just his presence has.

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