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Derek King out as Blackhawks HC

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JUN 5, 2022  (15H17)      SKY
The Chicago Blackhawks had a franchise worst season since the 2005/2006 season, and there are so many the fan base is putting to blame. The offense? The defense? Kyle Davidson? Derek King? There are so many to point fingers too, but the main one has been Derek King.

Derek King has been seen multiple times in post-game interviews not taking much accountability for his own teams effort and actions, King referenced HIS team as «they» for the entire season, as most coaches take accountability and mention «we» as they are together as a whole- and it is the coaches group to maintain.

Aside from not taking accountability he was also thrown players underneath the bus such as Kevin Lankinen, a young goaltender which morale was sure lowered after the coach didn't give him much love in a post game interview. Aside from the negative aspects of Derek King their have been some positives, at times he can be a father-like figure for the team.

Example; Derek King was seen tearing up in a interview while explaining how he had to tell Brandon Hagel he was being traded, and it showed Kings soft side.

The Chicago Blackhawks are wanting a fresh start next season, and they're working towards it as the first major move they've made is officially announcing Derek King WILL NOT be returning as the Blackhawks head coach.
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