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Kuemper, Kadri, Cogliano injuries

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Darcy Kuemper has been ruled 100% fit for the Stanley Cup Finals, but the coaching staff still needs to decide whether or not it will be him or Pavel Francouz who will start in the net for game 1.


As for Nazim Kadri and Andrew Cogliano both are still recovering from their surgeries/injuries , but have not been ruled out from participating at some point in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

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1 minute ago, FireDillabaugh said:

The talk seems to be that he's looking at returning later in the Finals.  Incredibly difficult to to stickhandle, shoot and pass with a surgically repaired thumb.  If he's able to return during the Finals and is able to still be a factor, it will be a huge feat.  Personally, I don't see it happening.  But, hockey players are a different breed.

Hockey players are a different breed and come back from injuries in time frames that the regular person wouldn't even think about doing. 


Yesterday I was reading through a thread on here about painkillers and that will have to come into play if he does return at anytime in the Finals I would think. I would actually rather have him recover fully the regular way then to push it and take painkillers and possibly re-injury it. 

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Game 1 came and went without Kadri and Cogliano, but Kuemper was named the starting goaltender and even though he was not spectacular he did enough to get the win. 


I expect as long as the Avs keep winning the longer Kadri and Cogliano will sit out. 


Kuemper, however does have to improve because we all know last night's game was also not Vasilevskiy's best game.  I don't expect Kuemper to best Vasilevskiy in any of these games, but he has to hold his own. If he gets a save percentage of around .910-.915 then I think he will be fine. He doesn't need the .920 plus that Vasilevskiy will end up with. Just let the Avs offense do what they do and hold down the fort of the other end with good defensive play and the Avs will be just fine. 

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The Avs are 13-3 in the playoffs with 2.75gaa and 0.892sv% from Kuemper and 2.81gaa and .906sv% from Francouz.


I'd hazard a guess that Sakic looks at that and thinks that this team just needs league average goaltending and opts to acquire a cheap option via trade like Driedger, Vanacek, or Georgiev. Going cheap on a starter would for example enable them to re-sign Manson and possibly Kadri so the trade-off might be worth it.

Bear in mind that Sakic showed an unwillingness to re-sign Varlamov at $5m AAV, and wouldn't go above $5m for Grubauer. He initially signed Grubauer to a $3.33m AAV deal, followed by acquiring Kuemper at $3.5m AAV ($1m retained). That $3.5m-$5m range seems to be the maximum he's comfortable operating at.


Adding Francouz in both my keeper 5 leagues may have not been the best play this year as it ate a spot for a backup goalie, but its looking more and more like gold next year. Kuemper just had a 37-12-4 season with a good GAA and SV% and is 32 years old looking for his first big payday. No way does he accept a lowball on his last chance for a fat contract after being a career backup goalie everywhere but Arizona

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