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2021-22 Stanley Cup Finals: Tampa Bay Lightning (Wales Champion) at Colorado Avalanche (Campbell Champion) - (COL Leads 3-2)

TBL vs COL  

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  1. 1. Stanley Cup Champion: Beast of the East or Best of the West?

    • 1-- Bolts in 4. Defending Champs blow the hype right the hell up and disappoint many Western fans, and irritate odds makers!
    • 2-- Bolts in 5. Series doesn't quite live up to the hype as TB makes short work of the Avs, only giving up one game due to Bolts' team bus running late...
    • 3-- Bolts in 6. Great series that sees a bit of everything, but the Lightning still show why they have been the best for the last three seasons...and why the Avs still need a bit more work.
    • 4-- Bolts in 7. Fantastic set that truly shows hockey can be a game of inches....and rulers and yardsticks favor the defending Champions who make it 3 in a row!
    • 5-- Avs in 4. Predators, Oilers....Lightning. Makes no difference to the powerful, hungry Avalanche. They sweep. New Champs.
    • 6-- Avs in 5. TB tries but finally finds a team that matches and exceeds them at every turn. Vasy steals a game, but that's it.
    • 7-- Avs in 6. Colorado grows by leaps n bounds even during this series, and dethrones the defending champions on their own ice!
    • 8-- Avs in 7. Epic set. New Champs crowned. Old Champs fall just shy of historical greatness. And all in front of the Denver home crowd!

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Fast start by the Avs after what looked like a reasonable effort by the Lightning defenders.

One leaky goal, and a very costly turnover sees Colorado in front though.
Bolts slow starting on the scoreboard again....gotta ramp up to speed....don't let this game get away, Avs were making some defensive errors, Champs just gotta catch them at it!

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1 minute ago, Captain Lando said:

Nice botched up goal by Nick Paul, but it counts. 2-1 Avs. 


Yea...Avs can't afford to keep "botching" things up that way.
Didn't respect the speed of Paul, left a huge hole open in the prime scoring area, and he made them pay.

Also, not sure if its just me, but the Lightning seem the more physical of the teams right now.
Doesn't seem to be affecting Colorado all that much at the moment, but if Colorado keeps taking those big hits, could wear on them come Games 4 or 5.
They are gonna have to start giving some of that back.

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9 minutes ago, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:


Too much to give to the Avs....they capitalize.
Bolts gotta be smarter with their sticks.
3-1 Avs.

5 ON 3...for the purposes of accuracy and clarity, on my part. 

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Heading into this series everyone was talking about the speed of the Avalanche and how that was going to pose a problem for the Lightning. I really didn't realize how much it is causing problems until I have seen it with my own to eyes in this 1st period.


The Lightning might be playing a physical game and that is something that players can withstand to a point, but speed cannot be something that can be better by the team who doesn't have it as well as the other team. It just can't happen. 


The speed is opening up shots on Vasilevskiy that in other series that the Lightning would be blocking. If this keeps up it is going to be tough for Tampa. 

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Gabriel Landeskog giving an interview is true class. Talks about the 3 goals in the 1st period, but also gives props to Vasilevskiy on how his play has made it difficult for them and how he is one of the best goaltenders or the best goaltender in the game.

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As much as every Tampa player played down the altitude factor when asked about it with microphones in their faces, it certainly appears that it's a factor, so far anyway.


It's crucial for them to have success on this PP attempt.

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2 minutes ago, Math said:

This russian prospect playing in Tampa's net seems to have an acceptable level for the NHL.


With any luck, he will supplant the wily veteran Brian Elliot as the starter moving forward....playoffs are a GREAT place to make stars, after all. :shifty: 

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  • TropicalFruitGirl26 changed the title to 2021-22 Stanley Cup Finals: Tampa Bay Lightning (Wales Champion) at Colorado Avalanche (Campbell Champion) - (COL Leads 3-2)

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