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NHL officiating, No consistancy. And Poor

Guest Miller Time

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When is the last time you saw them call a dive on an obvious dive? Or if you have a guy on your team that has a reputaion, he is a marked man. Like kaleta on our team. Or what about the non consistant calls. or the IOU penalties. If they blow a team off for deserved penalties, you can rest assured the next one or two are going to go against the other team regardless of merit of the call. Its what I call an IOU penalty. Its ********.

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I must say that I agree with you. Even as a Red Wing fan and a Kronwall fan, I am disappointed that the league chose NOT to rule on the legality of Kronwall's hit on Voracek last night. This was the PERFECT hit to use as a model for legality vs. illegality, and they are refusing to comment! Well, talk about keeping the enforcement of the rules vague! They owe the fans an explanation for why they are deeming the hit legal.

I'm not saying that I WANT the hit deemed illegal--I actually think Voracek has culpability for skating forward with his head completely down, and what otherwise would have been a VERY legal body check is controversial because the first thing Kronwall contacts is the head that is down and "in the way." In my opinion, there are hits where a player is vulnerable because of circumstance, and there are cases like this one where a player is CARELESS in not keeping their head up. If you play careless, you're gonna get hurt! It's a contact sport! When you are skating forward with the puck, you have a responsibility to keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings. If you don't, what do you expect to happen? That's where the spirit of the law/game comes into play against the letter, and the league needs to rule on this to make it clear, because there are 2 legitimate sides to this issue.

By not ruling on this hit, the league is trying to escape its responsibility to define what is and is not allowed in this game. They should be ashamed for the "no comment." It's wrong, and it's just the kind of leadership that leads to the erratic and inconsistent calls that this thread is addressing.

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