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Kings somehow are winning. Quietly

Buffalo Rick

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How are these LA Kings doing it?  Someone recently stated how bad their goaltending has been?  How bad can it be if they are 21-12?  Unreal.  They won 5-4 vs a very underachieving Colorado team which is still without McKinnon as far as I know?  But you would expect the defending Cup champs to be better than this.  The Kings and Kracken have been surprising. I am still not a believer though.

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Kings have dreadful goaltending


The defense is ancient Doughty and kids who are not yet what you would consider top four defenders most nights


Forwards have been mostly an underperforming bunch


And yet as @Hockey Junkie points out, they are winning.


  I like the team, pointed out last year that the Kings and Rangers were rebuilt and would e playoff contenders. both proved me right about at least one prediction, lol. Byfield is not yet in bust category but whispers abound about his work ethic. Anderson and Durzi will look like a tremendous duo on the back end one night and the next both will be a minus four. Copley (!) like a Phoenix (proper spelling, not like his parents mispelled his first name, lol) has risen from the dead after the two in net have been dreadful. BTW did you know the Kings are paying more for goaltending this year than any team in the game? Oh if you want to get technical it is the Canadiens but Price on LTIR does not count, so the arson squad of Peterson and Quick make more than any tandem in hockey this season, and Peterson is in the AHL and Quick is losing large portions of the net to a guy who arguably is a middling AHL goalie in Copley.


 Still like them, the West is really, really bunched up this year as is the East. By Christmas last season all 8 spots in the East were truly decided, seeding was the only issue. Out West 7 of 8 were decided. Thisyear 13 teams in the East and 12 in the West are still fighting for the postseason. I like the Kings but they are living on the razor edge, they could easily fall out of the race. Puck luck has been on their side all year, those things tend to even out by years end. 

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Copley's given up more than two goals twice in nine starts and has basically two bad periods - 6 against Buffalo and 4 against COL last night.


If he can be Michael Leighton in 2010 for the next few months (and not hide an injury) the Kings can make the playoffs.


Then, of course, anything can happen...



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