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Game 40: Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia Flyers; 1/8/23 @ 7 PM, NBCSP


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The Leafs are favored (-220) with a predicted score of 4-2:



On paper, the Leafs are worlds ahead of the Flyers:



Torts says this isn't a benchmark game after three of the last four wins coming against sub .500 teams.  I beg to differ. Toronto is 7-1-2 against us over the last 10, averaging over 4 goals a game.  


On a related note, Kyle Dubas of the Leafs attended the Flyers-Arizona earlier this week with a scout in tow.  The speculation was on the Coyotes with Chycrun heading the list.  But JVR was another mention.  I wonder if there's another Leaf visit? 


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7 hours ago, Fuzz said:

This will certainly be a test for the Flyers today coming off a 4 game win streak. 

Hart to start in goal.


Yep they suck - just not enough to land them Bedard - they'll end up with Eduard Sale or a prospect similar....



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1 hour ago, OccamsRazor said:





Of course the Flyers will trade TK.


For a second round pick, which they will subsequently trade as part of a deal that gets us a 38-year old version of JVR and a 5th. It's the most Flyer move that ever Flyered. 


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29 minutes ago, Podein25 said:

Of course the Flyers will trade TK.


All i know is if/when they do it Chuck Fletcher better not be any part of the decision making on what is acceptable in return.


He should be in the unemployment line if/when that decision is made.


But if they are going to to blow it and rebuild he shouldn't be the only piece moved.

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6 hours ago, Samifan said:

DeAngelo benched, only played 32 seconds in second period. Glued to bench in third.


Tort’s Doghouse 🛖


Just like ALL of Fletchers key acquisitions....I'm shocked....shocked I tell ya!


You can't play the 3 worst teams in the league all the time.

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5 hours ago, OccamsRazor said:





"But selling high would send message that the F.O. recognizes the state of things & has a real long-term plan beyond just hoping things get better."


:huh: :loony: :facepalm:


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