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Game 44: Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins; 1/16/23 @ 1 PM, NBCSP


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The Bruins are favored at -150.  The favorite has taken 9 of the last 12 meetings.  Boston is excellent at home; we are not a great road team.  

Boston is far ahead of us in every category:



The question is whether "The New Flyers" of the last eight games compete better than the numbers suggest?  Meanwhile, here is the projected lineup.  It appears to be Hart versus Ullmark:



It should be interesting.

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  • Howie58 changed the title to Game 44: Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins; 1/16/23 @ 1 PM, NBCSP

Looks like they are riding Hart. It’s strange to see a goalie coming off a shutout of the highest scoring team in the league have to wait so long to get the net again. Sam should get net tomorrow. 

It will be interesting to see if they can hang with Boston. As bleak as this season was supposed to be, the Flyers haven’t had many games where they got their asses handed to them. Torts has them believing and competing.


Thankful I didn’t get stuck with the Bruins feed on center ice. Sparred from having to listen to the biggest tool in hockey 

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3 minutes ago, GratefulFlyers said:


Oh okay they're playing tomorrow night too...so Sam gets stuck with the 2nd night of a B2B again. At least they'll be home..for whatever that's worth.



Maybe Torts figured Ersson beat the Ducks a few weeks ago so….


Would have loved to see Ersson against the Big Bad Bruins today, would have been a big test for him 

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Well we got to see Ersson today after all. Hart 4 goals on 16 shots and he really wasn’t bad. Ersson probably should’ve had 1 that he let in…but obviously that 6-0 beatdown was a team collapse. Everyone in the O&B contributed.

Frost and Hayes were both really bad today. Frost was in panic mode practically every touch and All Star Hayes (what a joke) is so damn slow he just flat out does not belong on NHL ice. 

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54 minutes ago, Mad Dog said:

. I just wish this game wasn't *so* lopsided.

Well,  i think games like today are needed.

The Bruins are playing great hockey, have been all season.

That is what a true contender looks like.

The gap between them and a frisky Flyers club is wide.

Guys on the Flyers are only so good. They can be coached up to have an edge on bad and sometimes other middling teams. 

They will have today's result more often than not versus good teams.

People (not singling you out) need to see this and recognize the reality of the club's talent.


The gap from us to them is pretty significant. 


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18 minutes ago, mojo1917 said:


The gap from us to them is pretty significant. 


This has been the failing of the front office for years.


Failure to understand that they are competing against other teams in their division, conference, and league.


It's not a question of having "good players" - it's a question of having better players than your competition.


Some of that can be reflected in "frisky" but in general more talented teams win.


If you need to win one game you can Brooks it to "if we play them 10 times they might win 9 but not tonight!"


That can work in a one and done tournament but it doesn't work in a playoff series.


It's not a guarantee, but you're hard pressed to find examples where the lesser talented team won the Stanley Cup.

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18 hours ago, wallywonder said:

marchant,bergeron,paternak best line in hockey, have been for 4 years, they never stop working, even when i think they will

Except that Pasternak played with Zacha and Krejci on a "Czech" line that illustrated how slow and unskilled the Flyers really are, otherwise a true statement. 

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