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Dylan Larkin on contract talks: I see myself as a Red Wing

6:33 PM ET
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    Greg WyshynskiESPN

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin said Thursday that he hopes to remain with the team beyond this season as his contract talks have gotten uncomfortably public.

Larkin, 26, is in the final year of a five-year, $30 million contract with the Red Wings. He is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.


"I've said it all along, and I stand by it: I really see myself as a Red Wing. [But] there's contract negotiating to be done," said the Detroit center, who was named to the Atlantic Division team for this weekend's NHL All-Star Game. "This is my first time in this position as an unrestricted free agent. But I doubt contracts really ever go smoothly until they're done."

The Detroit Free Press reported Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman had offered Larkin an eight-year contract worth $64 million. Speculation about an impasse between the sides has grown, especially with the NHL trade deadline approaching on March 3. Larkin has a full no-trade clause this season.


"I wouldn't say that, like, the [contract news] that's been made public is really the most truthful," Larkin said. "It just seems people are fishing and speculating. I don't really want my business out there. I understand we're in the spotlight and fans want to know. They deserve to know. But I think it's not really the most truthful, you know? It's just speculation, and I don't really read into that too much."


Larkin said being able to focus on hockey has "been a blessing" as the talks have continued. He said he doesn't take his role as team captain lightly.

"I take great pride in how I carry myself. There's been some very difficult days and difficult seasons," said Larkin, whose only playoff appearance in his eight-season NHL career was as a rookie in 2015-16.

Larkin, Detroit's lone participant in the All-Star Game, is scheduled to compete in the NHL fastest skater event in Friday's NHL All-Star skills competition. He won the event in 2016.

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