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Manning is going to be a solid NHL defenseman. The more time he gets up with the big boys the better. Obviously, that's not going to be this year... but I think next year is going to be interesting come training camp.

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I'm checking the boxscore and see this name that I have never heard of.

Who the heck is B Manning ? playing defense.

You don't know Manning? Where have you been?


Bryz: "Released by the Colts and tonight he played here"

Edit: His nickname is "Mad Dog"? Ok, so now we have Bird Dog and Mad Dog.

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"he looked a little scared out there tonight. good thing it was against the panthers who are out of gas. not the rags or bruins"

Yeah, his first several shifts were definitely very shakey.

I thought he looked OK with the puck but his ability to cover NHL forwards, especially bigger forwards, is suspect. This should come as no surprise because he's not that big and he's young. I had never heard anything about him so here's hoping he's not the second coming of Oskars Bartulis.

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Wow nice wheels on Manning. (2 gms +2) Decent size too.

Solid play so far, looks new bout has pretty much held his own.

For myself he has bumped Lilja out the lineup.

Wow Gus, Bourdon, and now Manning (and hopefully Kessel) makes more sense now that they shipped out the under achieving Marshall (who was a RFA anyways) so these other guys could get bigger minutes.

Suddenly the future blueline looks more promising. :D

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That was their best player Phil Kessel. that was nice . Didn't really notice him otherwise

was it kessel? if so then even more impressive. he really stood him up nicely. its unreal the amount of young talent this team has. it seems like they can call almost any one up and they will contribute.

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