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Lots of Lov for Radulov?

Guest Canadian Sabres

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Alex Radulov's season in the Kontinental Hockey League is over, as Salavat Yulaev Ufa was eliminated from the Gagarin Cup Playoffs by Ak Bars Kazan in six games.

Radulov still owned by the Predators still owes them 1 more year of his entry level contract and the obligation would be fulfilled if he plays out the rest of the regular season and the perhaps playoffs pending NHLPA approval.

Radulov needs to clear that last year of his contract.

From Kevin Allen of USA Today:

Radulov still owes the Predators another season on his entry- level contract, and that obligation would be fulfilled if he plays any portion of this season. That would mean Radulov, after playing for his pro-rated entry salary this season, could negotiate a lucrative contract this summer. If he waited until next fall to return to the NHL, he would have to play the entire 2012-13 season for under $1 million before reaching restricted free agency.

If your saying but Radulov would need to clear waivers before coming up since its past the trade deadline, the answer to that is simply no he would not as per Darren Dregger on twitter:

"Radulov would not have to clear waivers as the NHL and NHLPA would agree to alter the application of this process. Sounds sketchy...I know."

"This is the kind of offensive star the Predators lack, and the kind of player who might — might — be catnip to Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, who were tight with Radulov when the three were young players on the Preds before he departure to Russia in 2008." From David Boclair of the Nashville City Paper (via Sporting News):

I believe Radulov SHOULD come back up to the NHL because he owes it to the Predators to finish up his contract with them and he if decides to defect back to Russia so be it. Radulov can also get a taste of the Stanley Cup playoffs which I'm sure was his ultimate goal when he was drafted by the Preds 15th overall in 2004.

Radulov did have post season experience as well being part of the 2007 playoff team that was ousted by 5th seeded San Jose Sharks in round 1, 4-1 and where Radulov was suspended for one game for his hit from behind on Steve Bernier.

The Predators were 4th Seed that year and this year they are the 5th seed

Big coodos to Greg Wyshynski and the puck daddy blog on yahoo

if you own a twitter account follow @Wyshynski, @DarrenDreger

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