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Dallas Stars Off-Season Thread


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The Stars have just bought out Ryan Suter. I'm surprised because Nill is a very conservative GM and has never bought out any player. That's a good move because it frees up $2.6M in cap space even if $1.4M will count against the cap for the next two seasons. Not a fan of him since day 1 (I mean, who is fan of Suter...?) but he was decent this year after a horrible 2022-2023 season. This means that some more moves are coming to fill the defense.


Tanev probably won't stay. He's looking for a 4-year deal and Nill cannot afford that even if the cap hit is lower. The fit was great but he's also 34 and injuries might be a concern. But with Suter bought out, maybe the discussion remains open. If it's a 2-year deal, then ok. More than that, it's a pass. If Tanev ends up somewhere else. I'd make a big push for Matt Roy to fill the RHD hole.


Faksa is also on his last year's deal at $3.25M AAV. That was one of the bad signing by Nill because other than winning faceoffs, his offense has gone completely dry, expect some good game during the bubble run in 2020. This amount for a 4th-line center that was scratched from time to time is way too much. Maybe the Stars manage to package a deal but otherwise I'd buy him out too as Bourque (the AHL MVP) will certainly make the team next season.


Wedgewood wants to remains with the Stars but said he deserves more than a 2$yr/$2M deal. Sorry, but this is a hard no. He was inconsistent and failed to unload Öttinger's workload. I was freaking out everytime he was on the ice. The goal is to find a back-up capable to play at least 25-30 games in the season and be able to win those. Brossoit would be my target even if you have to pay some extra $$$.



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-When you effectively have more cap space to work with, it makes it less likely that you'll be buying out players. You signed them for less, so you can usually live with a bad contract until it expires, you can trade it off, etc.

-Yeah, I wouldn't sign Tanev to any kind of term. I love his heart, but he has some of the hardest miles on him that a player can have.



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Since Bally was due to go bankrupt, that was the logical outcome and a back-up plan had surely been dealt behind the scenes to replace Bally. While Victory+ will be free for TX, OK, LA and AK residents (I mean yeah, the Stars have suck a large, faithful and dedicated fanbase in this U.S. ice hockey hotbed {cough, cough}), I'm expecting them to be part of the same package that was offered through ESPN/NHL.tv/Sportsnet+.

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4 hours ago, OccamsRazor said:




The Golden Knights opted out of a regional TV deal and have done very well by the move.


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Nill is clearly in Bettman mode in the Lundkvist acquisition and he still wants to give him another chance, even though he's DeBoer's whipping boy.


To be honest, Lundkvist hasn't shown much: I like his offensive mindset and he's capable to make great plays but he's really too light for a third-pair Dman, has a trend to panic everytime he has the puck and makes terrible coverage mistakes. He tries his best but he's not helping his cause either. At some point, Nill needs to admit his mistake by giving the Rangers a first pick for him but he was so desperate to find a right-handed Dman.


Bottom line, I don't get it either because Petrovic was also extended and he proved to be way more reliable than Lundkvist. $775k thrown out of the window.

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