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So happy to beat those rotten Penguins

Guest Phillygrump

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Wow, I hate that team. Plus I had to watch the game with a blind Penguins homer. He thinks Matt Cooke is a saint and Crosby is the toughest player in the NHL.

It was great to come back down 2-0 and win like that. Bryz played great. I want this team to get totally healthy and start putting it all together.

I missed the entire second period, but I heard we got outplayed pretty badly. How were the penalties? Was it pretty fair? Or was it typical Penguins+refs?

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the flyers were shorthanded for 4 minutes towards the end of the first, they killed off the penalties but were back on their heels ,from it... the Pen's took advantage and really put on a lot of pressure with their forecheck, they dictated play and the few chances the flyers had in the period didn't find the net. watching it i didn't feel like the Pens had a whole lot of quality chances but they had some, and they had the puck in our zone for much of the period and really did a good job of harrassing our d... their forecheck in the 2nd was excellent, and they played like a team that had won 11 straight.

in the 3rd the refs called a few penalties 2 on Malkenstien for his stickwork that turned the tide, the pens were then back on their heels and we dictated the play, wellwood, jagr, voracek, were our best players for the whole 60, giroux picked it up in the 3rd after a good first period, bryzgalov was excellent, the goals that were scored on him were an excellent effort from malkenstien, and a fluky deflection off adams and then manning, who, crap, plays well...

it was a good win, the refs were just bad , which in my book is good for refs ,but they're refs so they can't ever be good. ;) they missed the boat on the hartnell fiasco in the 3rd i'm pretty sure kunitz is serial rapist when he's not douc hing it up in the NHL.

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