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Panacchio...Trying to Stir the Pot Again ?

Guest Desert_Fly_Dog

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What is the deal with Panacchio? Bryz agreed with a very leading question about the team possibly having a "let down". His answer was rather benign, with a "maybe" then explained that the team had an emotional weekend but gave the Cats some credit for playing hard.

My Point: It seems like Panacchio was trying to start something up again with Bryz vs the Team. It was another attempt to put Bryz in a light that is not team oriented. His article states that Bryz was one of a few flyers that thought the flyers had a bit of a let down... so why not quote them? Maybe it was Timmo, who is also quite honest, Maybe it was Hartsy...who speaks from the heart as well. He picked Bryz, and put the focus of the article by the title squarely on our two week in a row 1st star of the NHL.

If I were Holmgren, I would do whatever is possible to restrict Panacchio and Charchidi (as well) from interviewing our Goalie...who has been lights out since they haven't been able to tear him apart in the Media.

Does Panacchio really dig putting Bryz down? I know he is the beat writer, and not payed by the Flyers, but isn't CSN Comcast Sports Network, and isn't Snyder Chairman of the Board? Maybe he could assign Panacchio a beat with the Trenton Titans?

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This is a huge tempest in a teapot.

It's a cheap way to do "journalism" by a guy who, quite frankly, has questionable objectivity.

Then have a headline writer who is just trolling for links.

Ask a leading question to one guy to get the response you want, then don't ask the question the same way to other guys so they don't have the same answer.

Or don't even ask anybody else. Notice he doesn't name any other players - not even among the "very few" others that he admits felt it was a bit of a letdown, too.

Why isn't it "Bryz, 'others' feel Florida game a letdown"? Why does he focus solely on Bryz?

What, in fact, is the point of this post at all?

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Is Pannachio a Pens fan or just NTP? Cause if he is it makes sense that he's always causing shite. If he isn't..he's just an arse.

I'm not even getting into the "fandom" aspect of things - even the need to attract and drive traffic can affect the objectivity of what one writes and how one writes.

This post was lazy, inflammatory and lacking in the context which the post itself alludes to.

The headline reflects what's in the post because of the post's inherent inadequacies, deliberately amplifying a sentiment that Bryzgalov - at best - passively concurred with.

This is a front page feature on CSNphilly.com, the flagship of NBCSports' Philadelphia-area promotions and coverage - not a twitter feed or even his hockeybuzz column.

It appears to me that there is very little "editing" that takes place at many online sites and that is a real problem when you don't have knowledgable editors who are able to make their writers do the work real stories require.

Bryzgalov never even USES the word "letdown".

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The point of this post is to ferret out if others feel the same way as I do about Panacchio, and to try to bring to light his anti Bryz focus. It appears that there are a few that agree with me about the CSN writer "trolling" for problems in the locker room.

It has lost some context, so I'll just note the difference between trolling and trolling :-)

I'm saying that the headline writer is fishing for links to drive traffic to the site by making a deliberately inflammatory headline.


I'm not comfortable saying that TP is deliberately being a (internetspeak) troll to CREATE problems in the dressing room. But do believe his motivations may be to in perhaps too large a part attract attention and drive traffic.


Your mileage may vary.

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What is the deal with Panacchio? ...

My Point: It seems like Panacchio was trying to start something up again with Bryz vs the Team. It was another attempt to put Bryz in a light that is not team


Is Pannachio a Pens fan or just NTP?

Bingo! We have a winner! I read an article awhile back that said he grew up in Pittsburgh as a Pens fan and that he is STILL a Pens fan. He just happens to live and work in Philly.

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This type of reporting is typical of journalism in general these days. Twist words, write an inflammatory headline to sell papers and get link hits. Journalism has been dead for a long time, if it was even ever alive to begin with

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I just came across this story about Clarke, which I'd never heard before:

There’s an old story about Bobby Clarke, the Hall of Fame player and current Philadelphia Flyers executive. Folks were taking up a collection to bury a reporter who’d died. The going donation was $10.

“Here’s $50,” Clarke said. “Bury five of them.”


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