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Big doings in a small place.

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Starting tomorrow, we're having the USAHockey New England Festival. Kids chosen from each state, except Massachusetts, will get to strut their stuff. Eighteen players per state per age group. We'll look for the next Roenick or LeClair.

In two weeks, the Women's World Championships take place at three of the same arenas.

Lots of hockey. Lots of fun.

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There's a bonus in the Women's Worlds. Sweden and Slovakia will play exhibition games against North American Hockey Academy. (NAHA is one of the local hockey development schools.) The games are at Jay Peak and tickets are 10 dollars. The night after these two games, Canada plays Sweden at the same rink. Tickets are 20 dollars.

Pretty good entertainment for the price.

BTW.......I don't know which deodorant you guys buy. (Or if you even use one) But, Degree is buying 90,000 jerseys for young kids who play at the house league level. It's on a first come, first served basis. So, if you're involved with youth hockey, there might be an opportunity for you to get some free jerseys.

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Lots of pretty good players. A few who catch your eye, but I haven't noticed any real horses. I haven't seen any of the S17 games or the girls. This weekend, skaters in those two groups will be picked to attend the national tryouts. The younger kids who did well will be invited to another regional session this summer. Those who stand out there will be chosen to go to the national tests.

I've seen a bunch of these festivals. A couple things that have changed over the years are goaltending and officiating. There are far fewer easy goals now. Most of the goalies are very good. The officiating is way better than it used to be. The refs are uniformly skilled and competent. There are also more big kids who can skate well.

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