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Refs against Flyers conspiracy theorists

Guest flyercanuck

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LOL, that was some entertaining reading. Fans of all teams think the refs are against them. Of course, in our case (1st in PIM/G) and Anaheim (3rd in PIM/G), we're right :)

But seriously, regardless of whether or not calls are weak, a player/team/coach should *know* that those weak calls are what constitutes penalties in this league, and stop doing it! Apparently, the Flyers are too dumb to adapt.

"I don't understand... I was driving 25km/h over the limit, I get pulled over and get a ticket." Then the dude pulls away, driving 25km/h over the limit.


This one cracked me up too

A. I blame Getzlaf. I hope BB appoints Selanne/Koivu as captain.

B. Flyers announcer kept saying "tastycakes". WTH?

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It's difficult to play physical and penalty free hockey. You have to accept that some PIMs will come your way in bad calls and accidents. Unfortunately, refs do vary in their opinions of penalties and team/player reputations. The Flyers and Ducks are two closer to the short end of the stick.

I just don't want to see the careless stick penalties anymore. It's so stupid, and a clear lack of focus and respect. Of course, hook away before those breakaways turn into shots/penalty shots.

Basically, I think the Flyers do get screwed, but they could do more to help themselves on a consistent basis.

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I think the Flyers will always be one of the most penalized teams. It all started with the "Broadstreet Bullies"--The Flyers are to the NHL as the Raiders are to the NFL. I see it more as a reputation thing, than a conspiracy. Refs have the feeling going in that, "Flyers game--well, there will be lots of infractions tonight." Refs tend to see MORE or STUFF THAT'S NOT THERE when they believe the Flyers are "bad-boys" before opening face-off.

@brelic--totally agree that the comment, "Boudreau's system definitely pressures more. One thing I didn't like about RC's system" was a total ROTFLMFAO post. Wow, the guy hasn't even learned where the bathroom is yet, let alone put a "system" in place! Wow!

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to chime in, last night's game does not support any anti-flyer conspiracy but there were some weak calls against both. Def teh Ducks got the worst of it. And yeah, both teams are certainly on short leashes as both have been near the top in minors for the last few seasons, probably mostly on reputation.

And DAMN I'd like to know what Getzlaf said to the ref, to do us that huge favor last night!

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For those absolutely certain the referees are out to get the Flyers every game, just read this game thread. Goes to show you're not alone....in thinking the refs are out to get (fill in the blank who I cheer for)


I'm still surprised they have enough fans to populate a hockey board.

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I went back and reviewed the penalties the commenters thought were weak.

Belesky hit Bourdon a little late and then punched him in the face. Clear and easy call to make

Timmonen held, good call.

(Bryz let in a softie, seemed surprised the Duck would actually attempt a shot)

(Second goal was tough, Coburn didn't contain his man)

Gordon clear and dangerous crosscheck to Briere headfirst into the boards

Ducks got away with holding the stick

Belesky did board Couturier, kind of textbook, even shoved his head, but Couturier also kind of put himself in a bad position, baiting Belesky to taking the penalty.

It looks like Hary Z got 2 minutes for getting punched while being held by a linesman, but that's typical of those sorts of scrums.

You can tell the Ducks fans that are Hockey fans, they know that Bels committed an infraction and some expected a major.

Somehow, the Flyers did NOT get power play, as they called 2 Flyers and 1 Duck in the ensuing scrum, even though several Ducks were in there.

(Bryz seems to have lost sight of the puck on the third goal, very late getting over to the far pipe even if it go off of his D-man)

Ducks fan: This is great...if this is the type of team we can expect, then hells to the yes. He doesn't know what's coming!

Beauchimin, obvious crosscheck into the boards. These Ducks are reckless! Some "fans" even thought Hartnell dove face first into the boards. I'd like to see how they take a crosscheck to the kidneys.

Koivu put his stick into Harry Z's face, how can the idiot Ducks "fans" think that was a weak call?!? So far not an iffy call in the bunch, except the weird even up call after the boarding.

OK, now we finally get a weak call..."hooking" on Jagr. Five times as slow as I can look at it and it looks like nothing but stick. But at speed it still doesn't look like much.

OK, the tripping on Getzlaf was incorrect. It was really a hooking penalty, he lost his stick in Giroux's midriff. Either way, Getzlaf deservedly gos to the box. The Ducks "fans" whined about that?!? They obviously don't understand Hockey.

Refs took it easy on the Ducks, as Schenn was WAY interfered with by Lydman, far away from the puck.

Stupid Ducks fans claimed Hartnell was on his knees when Pelly drilled him in the face. That is simply not the truth. And it was more than a follow through, it was reckless disregard, blindly swinging at a bouncing puck. For some reason, the refs stop the play even though the Flyers control the puck.

Refs did miss Timonnen clipping #7 in the face, despite Cogliano acting like he was shot. Ducks fans FINALLY have something to complain about.

They also missed Selanne tripping Hartnell soon after behind Hiller's net.

Perry runs over Simmonds and a stupid Ducks fan admits he didn't see what happened, but wondered why they didn't call a dive on Simmonds. Silly Dicks fan!

Voracek's hook was kind of a ticky tack call, but one they are making nowadays, even with less than 2 mins left in a tie game. Do the Ducks "fans" thank the refs? Naaaah.

Getzlaf with another oh so obvious stick to the midsection hauling Vorecek down. Do the ignorant Ducks "fans" agree? No they think V should get 2 for diving. The smarter ones knew it for the hook it was, but that was FAR more obvious than the one they called Voracek for previously. The stick to the gut is a dead giveaway. Should he have gotten an extra 2 for being a whiny little bitch? I dunno, I guess it matters what he said to the referee. But he did accept blame for the original penalty after the game. He knew he did wrong, he knew why he had to sit and "feel shame."

Overall the Ducks had one legitimate beef on a missed call. The Flyers had a couple of those as well. All of the calls made on either team seemed legit, with the exception of the 4 on 4 after Belesky's boarding call. That one favored the Ducks.

The Ducks fans are apparently completely full of shite.

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Fantastic, but probably way over analyzed.

If you are talking to me, I completely agree. I got bored of the exercise pretty early, but then the Flyers started pouring it on and it was fun to watch it all over again.

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i found it interesting that while the flyers have the most penalty minutes (by a decent margin), they also have the most penalty minutes against (more pims against than for, believe it or not) and have the 2nd most powerplay opportunities. Ive always felt the flyers got the short end of the stick on penalties, and ive always attributed that to the reputation of the team as the broad st bullies. not saying there is any conspiracy, or even intentional bias, but if you grow up around hockey outside philly you are taught that the flyers are dirty, physical, and mostly fighting goons. refs expect lots of penalties in a flyers game, and sharpen their focus on penalties for those games, calling the games tight both ways, but with an inherent focus on what the guys in o&b are doing

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