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the Philadelphia Flyers' Mount Puckmore!

Guest Irishjim

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Throughout the month of August,


... Yahoo's national hockey blog has been rolling out a little thing they call "Mount Puckmore." They essentially tapped a specific hockey writer from each of the 30 markets to choose the four defining faces of their franchise, whether it be players, executives, coaches, etc. MattP, the Level's resident hockey guru, was selected to textually mold and carve out the Philadelphia Flyers' Rushmore for all of you to enjoy (and I assume scrutinize). The bad news is he was recently traded to a sports blog in Tokyo for some Manga and a box of fortune cookies. The good news is that he penned the article... his masterpiece... his opus.... BEFORE being shipped off and you can all read it on PuckDaddy


! On a side note, PD has also been photo-chopping together MP's to use at the top of their daily posts. MattP and I were chatting about his choices and remarked that it would have been interesting if they had also tapped artists to visually create the Puckmore-pic to go with the corresponding article. I was inspired... and so I worked on a little something which you now see above. Remember kids, PuckDaddy's article can be found


, a larger version of the illustration by digi can be found


, and MattP can be found





(I didn't know Digi could draw)

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