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A Good Ol' Fashioned *** Whoopin'

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Maybe some of you don't care much about the shellackin' our Flyers laid down on the Leafs (though any of you who had the pleasure of Lord Vaders company surely would) but when you live this close to Tarana, it sure is nice.

After listening to what a great young juggernaut Brian (it's all about ME) Burke built, it sure is fun to watch it crumble and fall apart. It's also fun to watch a Flyer team with the best rookies in the league basically score at will. Schenn is definately coming around and brings more than just points to the rink. Couturier and Read already arrived. Wellwood is looking like a steal in the 6th round. Rinaldo continues to amaze me that he hasn't become the serial killer I always knew he was.Throw in 22 year old Simmonds and Voracek, 24 year old Claude Giroux, heck, 23 year old JVR (if he can ever find the inspiration to play an NHL calibre game) and it looks like the fun is going to be happening for awhile.

Was that Briere warming up for the playoffs? Some nice passes by Danny. Jagr played keepaway with the entire Leafs roster for long stretches. Hartnell may not have lit up the scoreboard, but he lit up the opposition. Everyone I know HATES Hartnell. I love that.

Although the D were playing a team that's so obviously mailed it in (where's the truculence Burkie?) they played solid (though Carle seems intent on at least one huge turnover a game) and did an excellent job on the PK, as did the forwards. Grossmann was a heck of a nice pickup at the deadline. Props to Homer on that one.

The Bob, though not super busy, played a good game. Glad to see him stop Kessel during the 6 seconds he decided to play last night. What a great return for trading Tyler Seguin, Dougie Hamilton and Jared Knight away. Yep, Burkes building a great team...too bad it's in Boston.

We closed the gap to 2 points on the stinkin' Pens last night. With 2 games left against them, do we want home ice advantage? I really don't think it matters, the way this team plays on the road.

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