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Hunger Games This Weekend

Guest AndyS

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We'll see who wants it more out West this weekend.

The Kings have two huge games tonight & tomorrow (Edmonton & Minnesota). The absolutely must get all 4 points. If they do, they could take over the #3 seed again.

Dallas has a tough road game in Vancouver tonight. & then @ San Jose on Saturday.

Phoenix plays a tough Anaheim team on Saturday.

Time for Richards, Carter, Kopitar & co. to start scoring some goals for Quick. The kid can't always come up with a shut-out.

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The pacific division is one of the closest divisions. There are not any runaway teams in that division. At this rate, Dallas might not even make it. Their last four games are: Home and home with San Jose, then Nashville and St Louis. Lose 1 to San Jose and drop to both Nashville and St Louis (completely plausible) and say good bye.

Then to add more intrigue you have San Jose having a Home and Home with Dallas (mentioned above) and THEN a home and home with Los Angeles (what were the schedule makers thinking there?)!!

You could easily San Jose take the division, despite being 9th today. Now that is something!

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Wouldn't it be something if Dallas costs itself a playoff spot because of the Grossmann trade?

I think Colorado is done.

I think that LA & PHX make it.

The last spot? That's a tough one.

Dallas has 4 brutal games left (SJ, SJ, NASH, & St.Louis).

SJ has 2 games vs. Dallas and then finishes the season with 2 games vs. LA.

Man, that's a coin flip. The only thing might end up being whether or not Nash & St. Louis decide to rest some players (so to speak) if they have nothing on the line.

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