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Who is playing better since the trade? Johnson or Carter

Guest Vanflyer

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Jack Johnson has 17 gp: 3G / 7A for 10 pts and a PLUS 3.

Jeff Carter 16 gp: 6G / 3A for 9 points and a MINUS 1.

Jack is playing on the #1 pairing in Columbus and of late has been averaging 30 minutes a night.

Jeff is playing second line minutes with Richards and getting 17 minutes a night.

I would have to say, at this point, if you are Columbus you are pretty darn happy to have Johnson instead of Carter.

I guess the bigger question is, would you rather have Voracek AND Couturier than Johnson?

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I totally agree. You and I were advocates of him even prior to the draft last year. It was a boon for him to fall to the Flyers. Both those trades were monster trades in my opinion. The more I see of Schenn, the more I like and what a year for Simmonds (seems like a born flyer).

What about the Carter / Johnson part??

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I think it is the defensive system that Richards has his team play which is the reason for the success Johnson is showing. Hopefully the Blue Jackets' organization recognizes this and gives Richards a new contract for next season. Carter didn't really play much once he came back from injury under Richards before he was traded.

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Johnson has underwhelmed as the 3rd overall pick so far. Letang, who went in the 3rd round, has turned out to be a much better player. But johnson seems like he's found a home in Columbus.

We got a lot of goals out of Jeff Carter. Then we got Voracek and Couturier (and Nick Cousins) for him. As a #11 pick, that's pretty damn good value, But I'd say between him and Johnson, right now, I'd take Johnson. We don't need Carters goals.

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