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It took some time but I LOVE Hartnell

Guest Dynamo 47

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When the season started I was totally ready to give up on Hartnell. The lack of production and stupid penalties and antics was too much.

But one of Lavy's most underated moves of the year was benching Hartnell in the beginning of the season. After the benching and short ice team, he was a different player.

Not only has he produced, he still brings the grit to the game and has played much smarter. In fact he has played like an All Star.

But one of the things I loved the most was his doing the Hulk Hogan hand to the ear to mock the fat Penguins fan who looked like Hulk Hogan's brother at the end of the game. That was classic and showed me the team was having fun which is key to beating the Pens.

Even ESPN Sportcenter and Comcast mocked the guy and included the Hulkster talking leading into the highlight.

At the beginning of the season I was all too ready to see Hartnell walk at the end of the year and spend that $4m+ somewhere else. But he has proven to me that he is capable of playing smarter, contributing offensively while providing grit as well as the intangibles to bring him back.

In fact I think it would be great for the game on Saturday if Harnell came out wearing a Hulk Hogan hockey jersey to "I am a Real American" and mocked the guy and ripped the jersey off and gave it to the fan.

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