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Cheapshots and the death of honor

Guest Merrick

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This is why people who don't understand hockey shouldn't write about hockey. From about mid-way through the article:

"So there was Sid, minding his own business while waiting for a video replay of a goal during the third period of the Penguins-Flyers game on April 1, when Schenn skates up behind him, and
. It was a dumb, vicious sand-bagging that set off a series of skirmishes and led to the ejection of Flyers coach Peter Laviolette. But it was trumped by the commentary of one of the broadcast analysts, a former coach, who not only called the hit "part of the deal" but also praised Schenn as "a character kid" with "tremendous character." Really?"

I know this has been discussed over and over, but I can't believe how much the media goes out of its way to portray Crosby as a hapless victim. Phrases that particularly disgusted me included "minding his own business" and "vicious sand-bagging."

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Most people who looked at it that way either (A) didn't see the game or (B) are Penguin homers. If Schenn did that to John Tavares for example, we wouldn't even be hearing about it. If they watched the game and saw Crosby slashing Giroux and Jagr, and Malkin punching a previously concussed Giroux, maybe they'd have a different opinion. If the ref would have given Crosby one of the two or three penalties they should have, this wouldn't even have happened.

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I was just starting to calm down, thanks for getting me pissed off again :D

ESPN should just not discuss hockey at all, from their little coverage that wouldn't be much of a drop anyway.

@peter puck

They either don't watch the games or they're all wrapped up in the Sidney crotch-lick parade, or both

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my only hope for this, is sunday's fun doesn't mirror , talbot's throwdown with carcillo for them in 09/10

get them all fired up, let those dou che nozzels run around not paying attention to the game. we'll take the 4 wins.

the biggest problem the Pens have is they don't have our depth and know it. we are a bad match up for them,

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"Well, they're also Exhibits A, B and C for the slow death of honor in sports."

I thought, I don't know Lin very well, and Rodgers seems like a decent guy, but they nailed that Crosby guy! And then it turned into a very different article than I thought, and not at a reflection of reality.

Sidney Crosby is one of the least honorable hockey players there is, and with the banishment of Avery from the league, Crosby has moved one rung lower.

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